Communications and Data Storage

Metal Manufacturing for Communications and Data Storage

The explosion of data usage and storage has spurred many companies to invest in infrastructure upgrades. These updates mean a growing need for high-quality metal parts and equipment. Caldera Manufacturing Group can help with custom metal fabrication services for these applications. We’re a nationwide contract manufacturing group with a 30-plus-year history of providing high-volume production support to businesses like yours.

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How We Serve the Data Storage and Communications Industry

Businesses in this sector partner with us for many custom metal fabrication processes. Common ways we help include:

  • CNC punching and laser cuttingComputer numerical control (CNC) punching and laser cutting technologies enable precise and efficient metal shaping. These services are especially valuable for manufacturing components used in fiber optic networks, satellite equipment and electrical enclosures.
  • Finishing and surface treatments: Applying appropriate finishes is crucial for product longevity and performance and enhances a component’s durability, appearance and functionality. Processes include options like powder coating, plating, anodizing or painting.
  • Precision machining: Precision processes like CNC machining produce intricate metal components with high accuracy and tight tolerances. Both are vital for parts used in communication devices, data storage systems and infrastructure.

Metal Fabrication Applications for Communications and Data Storage

We can bring your ideas to completion for various applications.

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Caldera Manufacturing Group draws from industry expertise dating back to 1992. We know your unique industry challenges and have the skills to meet them head-on with compliant, customized metal fabrication services. When you work with us, you’ll also enjoy superior quality with fabrication in controlled, ISO 9001:2015-certified facilities. Our teams can help you reduce your overall project costs and streamline your supply chain as a single-source partner.

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