Consumer Product Components

Contract Manufacturing for Consumer Product Components

Consumer product manufacturing is a broad industry encompassing everything from large household furnishings to handheld devices. With such product diversity, it’s also likely the goods you make are part of a highly competitive market. Distinguishing your products through value and quality can set you apart.

Caldera Manufacturing Group can help as a nationwide partner for metal fabrication services. Our industry experience and expertise will help you gain a competitive edge with custom component solutions engineered precisely to spec.

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Specialized Consumer Products Manufacturing Services

Count on the experts at Caldera Manufacturing Group when you need high-quality metal fabrication services with state-of-the-art equipment from a trusted industry leader.

Advantages of Contract Manufacturing From Caldera Manufacturing Group

Partnering with us for contract manufacturing delivers you benefits like money savings, access to expertise and fast order turnarounds.

We have the existing facilities, equipment, workforce and skills to carry out your metal fabrication needs under one roof. Those advantages make us a cost-effective alternative to investing your company’s resources in acquiring them. Overall, you’ll spend less to complete your project while getting high-quality solutions.

You’ll also have access to our in-house engineering and prototyping services when you make us part of your business team. We back those with advanced technology that empowers high-volume production and shorter lead times, even for highly customized solutions.

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Our Metal Fabrication Capabilities for Consumer Products

Caldera Manufacturing Group proudly provides numerous metal fabrication services, including:

Applications for Consumer Products Metal Fabrication

If you can envision a metal component, Caldera Manufacturing Group can build it. Our on-site engineers are skilled in popular design software programs like 3D CAD and CAM to take your part from concept to reality. We’re also flexible enough to meet different production needs, from small batches to high-volume runs. Projects we’ve helped bring to life include:

  • Audio and video system components
  • Large and small household appliances
  • Electronic devices like handheld gaming systems
  • Outdoor equipment and furnishings
  • Battery parts like brackets, clips and contacts
  • Small hardware like nuts, bolts and screws

Talk With a Caldera Manufacturing Group Expert

Caldera Manufacturing Group offers extensive experience and exceptional quality control in each of our ISO 9001:2015-certified facilities nationwide. Our advanced equipment and expertise help drive value by streamlining your workflows for lower costs and higher efficiency. Our multiple locations can also support custom engineering and high-volume runs to meet your production line’s needs.

Request a quote for your next component, or get in touch with us for a design consultation with an expert.

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