Military & Defense

Metal Manufacturing for Military and Defense

Metal is an essential building block for machines, equipment, tools, vehicles and weaponry in the military and defense industry. At Caldera Manufacturing Group, we have the specialized fabrication expertise to deliver superior results in your most demanding military manufacturing projects.

We offer a comprehensive selection of military metal fabrication services we can customize to your company’s or agency’s applications. We are a reliable one-stop shop for all your manufacturing jobs, regardless of size, scope or complexity.

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Metal Fabrication to Serve Military and Defense Needs

Our vast capabilities and military industry expertise enable us to meet the needs of various military and defense entities through:

Manufacturing Applications in Military and Defense

Specific applications for our military and defense industry services include:

Why Choose Us for Military and Defense Equipment Metal Fabrication?

We have been providing efficient, cost-effective metal manufacturing and fabrication solutions since 1992. We operate out of a modern 120,000-square-foot facility containing the latest equipment and machinery to handle every project. We also have extensive in-house expertise to address any issue during the design and manufacturing phases.

Delivering superior quality is always a high priority at Caldera Manufacturing. We’re an ISO-certified company that implements stringent quality management and control procedures to ensure our work meets your expectations. We also focus on delivering projects on time to enable you to stay on schedule.

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