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Summit Storage Solutions has a strong, proven track record of vertical carousel storage solutions for a variety of industries, with many different applications and use cases. Our carousels can improve many of your industrial or commercial processes by increasing storage efficiency, picking and fulfillment speed, and overall workplace safety and health.

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Industries We Serve

We can help you with space-saving, convenient vertical storage solutions right away. Although we are based in Reading, Pennsylvania, we service businesses across the East Coast. Contact us online to request a quote on vertical storage solutions today.

The list of industries below showcases some of our most common applications, but is by no means an exhaustive list of our capabilities. Summit Storage Solutions is a division of Summit Steel & Manufacturing, meaning that we have all of the tools and expertise necessary to customize our carousels and carriers to fit any application or need.

Warehouses are full of inventory, and your workers need a way to safely and easily access it. Our vertical storage solutions can help you maximize the space in your warehouse by taking advantage of the vertical plane. Carousels make it easy for your workers to bring inventory items to an ergonomically correct height to reduce stress and minimize the chance of injury.

Naturally, the utility of our vertical storage carousels for warehouses can play right into your manufacturing needs, since most facilities have a significant warehouse component. However, you can use vertical storage carousels for more than just warehouse applications in your manufacturing business. You can also use these custom rack solutions on the factory floor to provide quick and easy access to work materials on the go.

Distribution centers are another area on the supply chain that can be dramatically streamlined through the judicious use of our vertical storage carousels. Because of their ability to help you utilize vertical space, you can store more goods for immediate distribution, reducing the chance that you will be out of stock of a necessary item. The user-friendly access system, based on an up-or-down button, allows your distributors to quickly and easily access any item they need to ship. This leads to a safer work environment and faster movement of your product down the supply chain.

Retail stores are an important sector when it comes to custom racks-using industries. If you have a retail store, especially a shopping club or big box store, you need access to a lot of inventory fast. Our vertical storage carousels are perfect for this purpose. You’ll enjoy more storage capacity and your workers will be able to access backstock fast so your customers will not be kept waiting. The easy up-and-down button controls mean anyone on staff can use the carousels to access the inventory at any time. These storage carousels are suitable for a wide variety of retail products, including dry goods, food, electronics, housewares, hardware and more. If you can store it, it should be able to fit on one of our vertical storage carousels.


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Remember that there are many vertical storage carousel-using industries we can service that may not be included here. Our vertical storage solutions are ideal for sheet metal storage industries, the automotive industry, aerospace, electronics, wholesalers, and even food and beverage industry businesses. If you do not see your specific industry above, please contact us at 610-921-1119 and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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