Garment Storage Carousels

Vertical Garment Storage Carousels

The motorized push-button vertical garment storage carousels by Summit Storage Solutions are designed to efficiently manage the storage and retrieval of a wide range of garments from suits, coats and pants to longer pieces like gowns and dresses. They will free up space in your retail store, warehouse or manufacturing facility without requiring the use of lifts or ladders for access.

The very simple mechanical operation of our carousels allows for quick and easy access to garments without the need for complicated computers or systems that can be hard to use. Simple, sturdy “up” and “down” operation means our carousels are less expensive and more reliable than more complex storage solutions.

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Height Width Depth Product Weight Capacity Max out-of-balance load
9’1” – 24’ 4’ – 18’ 6’7” 12,000 lbs 2,000 lbs
  • Big Box Retailers
  • Garment Warehouse
  • Clothing Retailer
  • Limit potential loss & damage
  • Get clothes out of boxes and onto hangers
  • Increased storage density & greater degree of organization
  • Stock room to show room – clothes already on hangers!
  • Simple design & operation; easy to use controls
  • Durable & aesthetic powder coated finish
  • Cost effective storage solution

Motorized Clothing Carousel Applications

It’s not just clothing warehouses that can benefit from adopting motorized clothing and garment carousels. We’ve helped big box retailers, small boutiques and clothing retailers of many sizes better organize and save money. Basically, vertical garment storage carousels make an effective solution in any operation where the retrieval of suits, dresses, gowns, pants, shirts and other garments needs to be automated and efficient.

The right clothes carousel rack can also be used to store different types of clothing in multiple arrangements. You shouldn’t be constrained by a carousel that only allows for a specific type of garment to be stored and retrieved in a single arrangement. Choosing the right garment carousel means flexibility and operation that meets your organization’s unique needs.

Garment storage racks are also helpful if you sell clothing online. If you’re expanding into the ever-growing world of e-commerce, a motorized garment carousel can make your order fulfillment that much easier, too. Grab only the garments you need and pack each individual order in the box that saves you the most money. When you work in e-commerce, order fulfillment and shipping can turn into full-time jobs. Installing an effective clothes carousel rack makes the tasks of fulfillment and shipping much easier, which allows your business to scale and grow.

As an added bonus, there’s no need to pre-pack, which makes it easier for you to add promotional flyers, mark down inventory with the right stickers and much more!

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Features & Benefits of Vertical Garment Carousels

Motorized clothes racks can deliver a significant amount of time savings and improve the efficiency in almost any application.

Adding these amazing pieces of machinery to your warehousing, storage, retail or other operations can secure benefits including:

  • Save space and limit damage by moving clothes from boxes and onto hangers. Not only will your clothing take up less space and incur less damage, but individual items are also far easier to retrieve when they are on hangers rather than in boxes.
  • Move clothes from the stock room to the showroom faster because they are already on your hangers. If you run a retail location or maintain a showroom for customers, you can quickly and easily keep clothing on the racks when you choose to use vertical garment storage carousels.
  • Run SKU volume analysis to manage and understand the overall order volume, inventory quantity and physical size required of your inventory. Again, when clothing remains in boxes, it’s far more difficult to access and retrieve. Using garment on hanger systems allows you to better manage, track and retrieve your inventory at any given time.
  • Simple reslotting to manage a wide variety of clothes as seasons and styles change. Garment storage racks make almost every aspect of clothing management simpler and more efficient, including the season-to-season shift.
  • Improved picking speeds and throughput by pairing it with existing inventory management systems. Time is money when you work in the clothing industry, and garment on hanger systems are known to save time by shortening the picking process for e-commerce fulfillment and shipping.
  • Enhanced order fulfillment with room to load while still being able to remove items from the opposite side. Space is typically limited in warehouses and fulfillment areas, but vertical garment storage solutions help free up space so your team members can work efficiently and effectively to meet customer needs.
  • Durable, long-lasting solutions that deliver a strong ROI. The simple mechanical operation of a garment carousel requires minimal investment and provides long-term durability that means value for your investment. You’ll find that garment storage racks can be game-changers for your business, allowing for more productivity day in and day out for years to come.
  • Expand your capabilities today. If you’re ready to grow and scale your business, a garment carousel can be the missing link that enhances productivity, saves time and allows you to do more than you’ve ever done before.
  • Provide a safer environment for your employees by eliminating the need for lifts or ladders to access clothing. Everything is easier for your employees when you invest in a clothes carousel rack.

You’ll discover your own unique benefits of adding garment storage racks when you add one to your operation. The benefits above are just a sample of those enjoyed by a vast majority of businesses and organizations that choose to install garment on hanger systems.

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Summit Storage Solutions makes organization easy with motorized garment carousels and clothing racks. In our selection, you’ll find storage solutions for garments, as well as for tires, print cylinders, rolled materials, consumer goods, wire goods and much more. Not only do all of our products represent the highest standards for quality, but you can also count on outstanding customer service when you choose to work with Summit Storage Solutions.

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