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30 Years of Expertise

Value engineering is an analytical process for achieving product performance and quality goals at the lowest possible costs. This method evaluates each step of product design and fabrication for a holistic approach to manufacturing. This thorough assessment promotes better decision-making to maximize function and reduce spending.

Caldera Manufacturing’s industry-leading engineering team leverages over 30 years of experience to help your business reach these ideals. Our in-depth knowledge and commitment to quality set us apart from other fabrication partners. You’ll benefit from expertise that covers many industries and the assurance of an ISO 9001:2015-certified company that makes quality a cornerstone of everything we do.

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What Is Fabrication Engineering?

The fabrication process for a specific component can encompass many steps from concept to finished product. An application can call for machining, forming, cutting, bending and secondary operations to produce a manufacturing-ready part. Engineers play a pivotal role in any project design and execution. Their skills are instrumental in improving product design, streamlining manufacturing processes and implementing changes.

Caldera Manufacturing’s in-house engineering team strives to help our customers bring products to market faster and more cost-effectively without compromising quality. When you partner with us for fabrication engineering, you’ll work with professionals committed to delivering outstanding results. Our process includes:

Our engineers are proficient with modern product design solutions like Master Cam, FG CAD/CAM, AutoCAD and 3D Solidworks. We help you optimize your products to achieve scalability, quality, cost and production time goals.

We analyze every step of the manufacturing process to eliminate waste and delays while focusing on quality. Doing so helps maximize your investment and promote your customers’ satisfaction.

Our team assesses design quality standards through several sophisticated methods. We employ 3D modeling, product testing, prototyping and finite element analysis to gauge results at each step.

Our engineers have the skills to suggest and execute changes when necessary. We focus on what modifications can improve outcomes and effectively implement them to boost your products’ success potential.

Caldera’s Metal Fab Engineering Capabilities

Caldera Manufacturing boasts comprehensive expertise in sheet metal fabrication engineering. We provide advanced guidance on any project to obtain outstanding results regardless of the complexity, size or shape. Our skills span manufacturing industries, including aerospace, military and defense, automotive and construction. This expertise empowers us to:

  • Develop product designs in carbon steel, aluminum or stainless materials.
  • Support fully functional prototype creation.
  • Execute high-volume component fabrication.
  • Custom-engineer manufacturing projects.
  • Recommend the best metal fabrication solutions, such as CNC bending and forming, grinding, CNC machining, polishing, milling and CNC turning.
  • Identify and resolve potential design or process challenges to maintain product integrity and quality.

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At Caldera Manufacturing, we’re proud to be a customer-driven, full-service metal fabrication company. Our history as a valued team member began in 1992 with a focus on service and expertise. Today, our contract manufacturing group continues to embrace those principles as a one-partner solution offering competitive pricing.

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