CNC Sheet Metal Bending and Forming

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Metal bending and forming refers to reshaping materials with various presses. Using computer numerical control (CNC) equipment introduces more accuracy to the process. While a human operator still oversees the machine, CNC presses allow computer software to control and guide the presses.

Caldera Manufacturing is a trusted and strategic business partner for CNC bending and forming in Pennsylvania and beyond. As a complete contract manufacturing group, we have a highly skilled team that demonstrates a passion for quality and service that distinguishes us from others. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification attests to our commitment to quality, and our innovation helps manufacturers in many industries make custom-designed projects a reality.

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CNC Bending and Forming Capabilities

CNC bending and forming drive value for manufacturers in numerous ways.

Benefits of Precision CNC Bending and Forming

Advantages of CNC bending and forming include:

  • High precision: Reshaping metal with CNC technology reduces the chances of human error and creates consistent parts. The software programs can easily control bending planes, angles and space between bends for to-spec precision.
  • Enhanced efficiency: CNC equipment is fast and creates repeatable results. The speed and consistency translate directly into shorter delivery times and less waste potential.
  • Lower costs: Operating CNC machines is less labor-intensive than using traditional bending and forming methods. The reduced labor need can help you save money on total project costs.
  • Project flexibility: CNC bending and forming is compatible with a wide range of materials. It’s also ideal for various part sizes for exceptional project versatility.
  • Fewer defects: The powerful CNC equipment we use at Caldera Manufacturing can ensure higher-quality products for your customers. Our machines can automatically detect component errors or flaws, preventing them from reaching your inventory.

Our Metal Bending Solutions

Caldera Manufacturing has equipped our 120,000-square-foot facility with advanced CNC presses to offer an unparalleled range of project possibilities. Our highly skilled operators form and reshape aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel sheet metal. Capabilities include offset bending, air bending, U-bending and hemming.

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Metal Bending and Forming Applications

We have in-house engineering experts ready to provide value engineering services and project management expertise for many industries and products, such as:

  • Manufacturing brackets, frames and exhausts in the automotive industry.
  • Creating structural elements and high-strength airframe parts for the aerospace sector.
  • Fabricating precision equipment and instruments in medical manufacturing activities.
  • Producing high-quality metal frames for furniture making.
  • Creating tractor and machinery components for the agricultural industry.
  • Fabricating vehicle panels for RV manufacturers.

CNC bending services and metal forming are also excellent solutions for other verticals and applications. Ask a specialist how Caldera Manufacturing can help you create a custom part for unique needs.

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