Metal Fabrication for the Aerospace Industry

Precise components manufactured to tight tolerances are crucial for safety and performance in the aerospace industry. Caldera Manufacturing Group is a leading unified contract manufacturer for aircraft parts, offering comprehensive metal fabrication services. Our teams have over three decades of industry expertise and a dedicated commitment to quality to help your business reach those goals.

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Metal Manufacturing for Aerospace

Caldera Manufacturing Group has the metal fabrication capabilities, materials, equipment and quality standards to meet the demands of aerospace manufacturers.

Broad Capabilities

Our knowledge and resources span various metal fabrication services, including:

High-Performance Materials

Caldera Manufacturing Group has the expertise to work with the common metals used in aircraft manufacturing today, including:

  • Aluminum: This material offers excellent formability and strength with a lighter weight than many others. It’s an ideal choice for creating fuselages, brackets, wing skins, instrument panels and more.
  • Carbon steel: This metal delivers excellent heat resistance and temperature control. These properties make it a good solution for landing gear components.
  • Titanium: This option is popular for frames and engine parts. Titanium offers increased durability and a high strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Stainless steel: This material provides corrosion resistance with low maintenance. Its high strength makes it perfect for components like fasteners and actuators.

Our experts can also craft precision aerospace parts with alloys like brass and copper. These solutions are common for wheel parts, bushings and bearings where reliable performance and corrosion resistance are necessary.

Cutting-Edge Support

We continue diversifying and improving by investing in our group’s skills and advanced metal fabrication equipment.

Our facilities and experts offer extensive production support for numerous aerospace assemblies, machined parts and components. Caldera Manufacturing Group has in-house fabrication engineering expertise in tooling and development with CAD/CAM proficiency to craft to-spec solutions for your needs. We also have state-of-the-art press brakes, welding systems and computer-controlled machining equipment capable of fast, high-precision production.

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Aerospace Manufacturing Applications

We support our aviation and aerospace industry partners with various component manufacturing applications. Our projects include engineering, developing and producing:

  • Flight-critical parts like landing gear and brake system components.
  • High-performance, dependable hydraulic system parts.
  • Interior aircraft components, such as actuation and motion control sensors and systems.
  • Various instrument panels, face plates, brackets and mounts.
  • Refreshment and equipment storage solutions for the cabin galley.

Caldera Manufacturing Group’s Commitment to Our Customers

As a leading aerospace metal manufacturer and fabricator, quality is the foundation of what we do at Caldera Manufacturing Group. We assure our customers of world-class products and services through our certification to ISO 9001:2015 guidelines. Each project we undertake meets exceptional quality standards to deliver the reliable, safe performance and rugged durability aerospace manufacturing needs.

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