Metal Fabrication for the Automotive Industry

Metal fabrication is critical in bringing automobiles to life, from forming exhaust systems to crafting vehicle safety measures. Yet, not all companies offer the same value when meeting your needs. Instead, work with Caldera Manufacturing Group, a unified solution for comprehensive automotive metal fabrication services. Our team has over 30 years of industry expertise to help meet your quality and productivity goals while controlling project costs.

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The Caldera Manufacturing Group Difference

We distinguish ourselves as a trusted member of your team in several key ways.

Expert Engineering

Caldera Manufacturing Group has in-house engineering teams and the necessary automotive industry expertise to support fast, efficient parts development. We’re skilled in 3D CAD and CAM software to generate accurate manufacturing specs and machine controls. Our experts can also collaborate for value engineering and help create prototypes for designing and fabricating intricate and complex components.

Precision Confidence

We invest in high-tech equipment and an industry-certified fabrication team. Because of this, we deliver consistent results, high-volume production and accuracy for your peace of mind. Our capabilities include:

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Exceptional Quality

The Caldera Manufacturing Group is your solution for complete quality assurance. We’re an ISO 9001:2015-certified company committed to stringent standards and continuous process improvement. Each project we undertake undergoes quality inspections to ensure performance and spec compliance.

Value-Added Services

In addition to our complete support for product development, your company can benefit from our secondary processing services for greater value. We can help you enjoy more efficiency by providing:

  • Powder coating for a durable and flawless product finish.
  • Assistance with assembly and packaging.
  • Shipping and logistics coordination.

Automotive Metal Fabrication Applications

At Caldera Manufacturing Group, we specialize in various fabrication materials. Our most common automotive components use the following:

  • Aluminum
  • Carbon steel
  • Cold-roll steel
  • Stainless steel

We also have extensive experience working with brass, titanium and copper alloys for custom auto parts.

Our teams can collaborate with yours countrywide to fabricate many components, such as:

  • Vehicle engine parts, transmission covers and battery housing.
  • Sound system components, including speakers and subwoofer chassis.
  • Critical safety parts, like brake system components.
  • Seat parts.

Caldera Manufacturing Group assists with specialized applications, too. We’ve partnered with manufacturers for unique projects, like:

  • Custom aftermarket parts for upgraded sound and lighting.
  • Roll cages for off-road and racing vehicles.
  • Authentic replicas of original parts for vintage car and truck restorations.

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Caldera Manufacturing Group has a history of project success and expertise dating back to 1992. As part of a unified contract manufacturing group, we share a common focus — world-class, turnkey metal fabrication services for the automotive sector. With industry-leading experience and equipment, we’re a one-source solution that simplifies your supply chain. Our turnkey services improve efficiency and lower overall project costs without compromising quality or performance.

Contact us for a quote on your next custom fabrication product to experience the difference a customer-driven approach makes.

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