Assembly Racks And Carts

Assembly Racks and Carts

Assembly line racks are storage containers that can be placed on an assembly line and worked on directly. These racks can improve efficiency dramatically by reducing the likelihood of damaging parts and by making it easier for assembly line workers to work on a part. Under normal circumstances, a worker may have to bend over to work on a part on an assembly line. A custom-made assembly line rack can lift the part up to eye level for easy access. These can double as shipping containers if necessary.

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Manufacturing/Assembly Cart Applications

Manufacturing carts and assembly carts are ideal for situations where you have limited space and time. You can store your important parts in one of these industrial manufacturing carts and move them directly to the assembly line when it is time to work with them. This can save you a tremendous amount of time that a worker would otherwise spend unloading the cart to get the materials onto the line.

Using assembly carts also means less handling and carrying of parts by workers, giving them less of an opportunity to drop or otherwise damage a part or to injure themselves in the course of transporting said part.

Finally, industrial manufacturing carts can save space. When the work is complete, you can put the piece or pieces right back in the rack, there is no need to transfer them to a new rack or find some other kind of storage solution. You can then return the rack to where it was previously storing the piece or parts, or store that rack in a new location, leaving more space to store items in the original area.

Types of Assembly and Manufacturing Carts

You probably already know that there is more than one kind of assembly line. There are traditional staffed assembly lines, lines that are primarily automated, intermittent lines where multiple products are assembled and more. Your industrial assembly carts should match the type of assembly line or lines that you have.

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Why Custom-Fabricate Your Manufacturing/Assembly Carts?

You’ve worked hard to create an assembly line and a process that works for your business. You deserve industrial assembly/manufacturing costs that work for you, too. By partnering with Summit Storage Solutions, you ensure that the manufacturing and assembly carts you get are the ones that fit your assembly lines and your process.

We make sure of this by using professional packing engineers to design our products and by working with your team from the beginning to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want out of your assembly line cart design.


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