Value Added Processing

Lean manufacturing practices

Value-added processing is a method for eliminating wasted time, money, materials and activities. In manufacturing, the term refers to reducing the time, costs, goods and logistics associated with multiple vendors providing the necessary services to create a ready component.

Caldera Manufacturing promotes and supports lean manufacturing practices through value-added processing. We are a unified contract manufacturing group actively investing in sophisticated technology and seeking ways to stay ahead of industry changes. Our dedication to innovation and diversification helps companies like yours do more in less time, with less waste and at a lower overall cost.

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Benefits of Caldera’s Commitment to Adding Value

Partnering with an experienced metal fabrication team like ours delivers many advantages for your company.

Value-Added Processing Applications

Metal fabrication is a dynamic industry with an ever-changing landscape as equipment advancement continues. Our team leverages the latest manufacturing technology to help you innovate and stay resilient in a competitive market. The machinery we invest in enables you to meet strict deadlines and supports high-volume production, even with complex or more intricate parts profiles.

At Caldera Manufacturing, we’re in the perfect position to help companies throughout many industries, including:

  • Automotive and recreation vehicle creation.
  • Medical and surgical instrument fabrication.
  • Agricultural and heavy equipment manufacturing.
  • Telecommunications equipment manufacturing.
  • Aviation and aerospace parts fabrication.

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Caldera Manufacturing is a full-service, customer-driven company with a history of success dating back to 1992. We’ve built our reputation as a trusted partner by working as an extension of our customers’ in-house teams and offering premier service with unmatched expertise. Our diversification and competitive pricing make us a cost-effective turnkey solution for all your metal fabrication needs.

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