Custom Material Handling And Moving Carts

Custom Material Handling and Moving Carts

Our carts can provide you with solutions for a variety of applications. A quality engineered and manufactured cart can make your business function more efficiently and smoothly. When it comes to form, fit and function that provides real results, Summit Storage Solutions has your all-purpose answer.

Our design and manufacturing processes allow us to design and engineer carts to your specifications, so they fit the needs of your unique business. We manufacture all of our products in-house in the USA from start to finish, so we can ensure quality, delivery and superior customer service support.

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Material Handling Cart Applications

Material handling carts can streamline a wide range of aspects of your daily operations. You can use them for storage, selecting items for shipping, transporting items from one part of a facility to another and much more. These material handling carts protect your parts and products and provide a way for your employees to move them smoothly and easily as needed.

There are a variety of different types of industrial material handling carts to accommodate a variety of different types of materials, including A-frame carts for moving flat sheets, heavy-duty material handling carts for heavier part loads, cylinder carts for loads like compressed gas tanks and bottles and more. Whatever your industry is, from retail to automotive to construction and more, quality material handling carts of the type we can offer you at Summit Storage Solutions can be invaluable.

While virtually all industries can benefit from material handling carts, different businesses will use their material handling carts in different ways. There are myriad sizes, shapes and kinds of materials that companies must store, load, unload or transport. You need a material handling and storage solution that fits your specific company in order to maximize efficiency and optimize the benefits of your material handling carts.

Unlike some other material handling carts companies, Summit Storage Solutions specializes in just that. We treat each material handling cart request as a completely new one and base the way we fill your order on your specific needs. We can assess your facility, products and requirements to come up with a concept for your material handling carts that we will not act on until we have your approval. Once we’re sure we’re on the right track, we’ll start the process of fabricating carts that you will find fit seamlessly into your process.


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If you’re struggling with industrial issues like disorganization, lack of space or a manufacturing, distribution or shipping floor that just isn’t functioning as effectively as you know it can, we just may have the answer you have been looking for. Reliable, affordable material handling carts can make all the difference. To learn more about our process or start an order for your own custom material handling carts from Summit Storage Solutions, contact us online or call us today at 610-921-1119.

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