End-Item Racks/Crates

End-Item Racks/Crates

Summit Storage Solutions is the expert in manufacturing packaging, shipping and storage solutions for your company. Our highly skilled, diverse and experienced staff can design packaging and storage solutions with your company’s needs in mind. We focus on creating the right fit for your product, with optimal form and functionality for easy loading and protection of your items at all times.

If you need storage solutions for shipping your product, we have the perfect answer with our custom-designed stackable end item crates. Our custom end item crates and racks are suitable for a wide variety of industries. We manufacture all of our packaging, storage and shipping products in our facilities right here in the United States.

You can expect quality products at a lower cost — since we have the capability to keep all production and finishing in-house.

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Why You Need End Item Crates

Reliable end item crates are crucial for a business in which shipping plays an integral part. You need end item crates that fit your items properly, so you can transport them easily and without damage. Summit Storage Solutions features custom end item crates for shipping everything from motorcycles and ATVs to motors, exhaust systems, furniture and more.

We can design your end item crates to fit your specific needs, whether you need a reusable rack for shipping items back and forth, a collapsible crate to save space or a returnable crate. We also offer stackable end item crates to help you save space in your warehouse or other inventory area.

End item crates are ideal for transporting and protecting the finishing of recreational vehicles. We understand the importance of reducing fall out and claim rates by preventing scratches and other damage during storage or delivery. Our team successfully reduced an 8% claim rate for a motorcycle company to zero claims, thanks to our custom end item crates, saving millions of dollars in potentially lost revenue.

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Summit Storage Solutions’ end item crates are ergonomic, durable and designed with safety as our first priority, so you can use them with confidence for any of your product needs. Summit Storage Solutions brings quality and expertise to our storage and shipping solutions, and high-quality end item crates are a big part of that picture.

How to Learn More About Our End Item Crates

If you’re interested in learning more about our custom reusable, returnable, collapsible and stackable end crates, our dedicated, enthusiastic and well-informed sales team is ready to walk you through how our products can streamline your business.

Contact us online today for a quote or detailed information about how our custom storage, shipping and packaging products can meet your business’ specific needs.

We’re happy to answer your questions about our products, pricing, customization or how a specific product, like end item crates, can work for your company.

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If you have any questions about our custom rack solutions, feel free to call us at 610-921-1119 or email us at summitsales@summitsteelinc.com.

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