Vertical Storage Carousel and Custom Rack Maintenance

If you have a large inventory to store, you want to do it conveniently, efficiently and affordably. Summit Storage Solutions’ custom stacking racks can help. We strive to provide the best-quality custom rack solutions for your company’s packaging and storage needs, including custom-built portable stacking racks for your inventory storage.

Like all of our Summit Storage products, our portable stack racks are made from high-quality, durable materials and are customized to your specifications, so they fit your company’s specific stacking needs. Like our other products, our stackable pallet racks are managed in-house in the U.S., allowing us to easily eliminate errors and save on costs.

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This benefit extends to all the vertical storage carousels, custom racks and sheet metal storage solutions you purchase from Summit Storage.

For the best results when it comes to your vertical storage carousel or custom racks from Summit Storage, you need accurate, quality installation. That’s why we will send our own highly trained, experienced technicians to install your product for you. We will unload the product, make sure you have proper space for assembly, secure the equipment to the appropriate location, make sure all the electrical components are properly connected and that the unit has sufficient power, and test the product to make sure it is working optimally. We will then clean and clear the area, leaving no evidence of our presence other than your new, perfectly functional storage facilities. If necessary, we can also instruct you on the proper and safe use of the unit.

While we expect that your vertical storage carousel and custom racks will work optimally for a long time, any storage structures used in day-to-day operations will need service over time. By scheduling regular maintenance once or a few times a year, you can help reduce the likelihood of a sudden failure or a costly repair. We will come to your facility, identify any worn-out parts that may need to be replaced, make sure the items are clean and fully-lubricated and all wiring is intact, and test the equipment to make sure it is working correctly.

These are high-quality storage solutions and you should have little need for repair, especially if you schedule regular maintenance. If you should require repair, however, give us a call and we will be there as soon as possible to resolve your problem. Since our technicians are intimately familiar with our products, they should be able to get your products back on track in short order.

Service, Installation and Maintenance Options

  • Main Services: After purchase we arrange shipment, unloading at your facility, and installation by a professional crew. They are smart, professional, and experts at installing our units. Just tell us the date for install!
  • Specific Services: We can arrange for annual or periodic maintenance of your machines in future years. That can be arranged at purchase or any time in the future. All service calls come directly to our sales staff and are quickly identified for a service call.

If you are not sure which service or services you need for your storage solutions, feel free to give us a call anytime. Our sales representatives are more than happy to help our customers determine the most effective ways to use our products for their businesses.

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Remember that we do all our work from our home base in Reading, Pennsylvania, but are happy to send our technicians out to install your vertical storage carousel or other custom rack solutions throughout the East Coast. If you are interested in high-quality vertical storage carousels or custom racks from Summit Storage, or you already have purchased our products and need service, please call us at 610-921-1119 or contact us online today.

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