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Improved accuracy and high efficiency

Advances in technology and equipment have enabled centerless grinding and polishing to emerge as some of the most popular finishing processes in metal fabrication. These processes are ideal for shaping workpieces like metal cylinders, steel tubes and bars. Compared to traditional mills and lathes, centerless grinding and polishing equipment offers improved accuracy, higher efficiency and increased cost savings.

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Benefits of Centerless Grinding and Polishing in Metal Fabrication

Centerless grinding and polishing equipment typically consists of a grinding wheel, a regulating wheel and a support blade between each wheel. The grinding wheel applies force to the workpiece, pressing it into the support blade and the regulating wheel. The regulating wheel establishes the workpiece’s rotational speed, while the support blade stabilizes the workpiece throughout the grinding and polishing processes.

Industries across a broad application range rely on this centerless finishing technology, from aerospace and electronics to automotive and construction. Several primary benefits of these processes include:

Precision is one of the most crucial elements in today’s manufacturing world, particularly for applications in the medical manufacturing and automotive industries. Fabricating parts with accurate measurements and dimensions and precise surface finishes ensures that businesses maintain the highest quality standards.

Advanced centerless grinding and polishing processes enable manufacturers to produce components quickly and efficiently without compromising quality. The equipment also allows fast workpiece loading and unloading to ensure optimized workflows from start to finish.

Because the regulating wheel provides high stability, the workpiece remains well-supported throughout the process, preventing the possibility of deflection. This feature also enables deeper grinding and heavier polishing on a single pass than most conventional finishing methods.

Advantages of Partnering With Caldera Manufacturing Group

At Caldera Manufacturing Group, our primary goal is to approach each project with a strategy that helps customers increase product quality, decrease turnaround times and deliver cost savings. Our superior technical knowledge and years of manufacturing experience set the standard for metal fabrication throughout Pennsylvania and the East Coast. Whether you need us to finish your parts or provide a comprehensive manufacturing solution from start to finish, we can handle all your fabrication needs.

Our finishing capabilities include a machining center with a grinding and polishing system that contains abrasive belts with multiple working heads. We can finish steel tubes and bars with outside diameters ranging from ½ to 3 inches with a root-mean-square (RMS) roughness finish of 10 or less. The polishing system prepares the workpiece for the final coating or plating.

We also offer a comprehensive range of value-added services after finishing the surface — like powder coating, product assembly and packaging — to maximize your profits. We can even drop-ship your finished order directly to your customer.

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If you’re looking for a reputable manufacturing company that offers superior metal fabrication services and top-class customer service, Caldera Manufacturing Group is the perfect choice. Our team has years of combined experience helping clients increase productivity and maximize cost savings by identifying the most practical and efficient manufacturing methods. Contact us online today to learn more about how our centerless grinding technology and other services can benefit your operation.

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