Engine and Power Generation

Metal Manufacturing for the Engine and Power Generation Industry

The engine and power generation industry is all-encompassing. It facilitates continuous heat and power supply, ensures standby power for critical missions and offers seamless backup for heavy machinery engines. With such a range of applications, reliable and systemized power solutions are a must for manufacturers and global companies.

That’s where Caldera Manufacturing Group enters the scene. We specialize in manufacturing solutions for engine and power generation equipment sourcing. We have decades of industry experience that cater to diverse metal applications, including the production of diesel or gas generators, load banks and custom engine components.

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Manufacturing Services for Engine and Power Generation

From century-old forms like fossil fuels to modern methods and renewable energy sources, power generation has evolved through the years. Even with these varying forms, the industry still heavily relies on metal manufacturing to ensure the precision and efficiency of full-capacity solutions. Manufacturing services that are relevant in the sector include:

Fabrication Applications for the Engine and Power Generation Industry

The engine and power sector thrives on efficient and precise equipment crafted from metal fabrication. Some of the most popular fabrication applications are:

Choose Caldera Manufacturing Group for Your Engine and Power Generation Needs

Caldera Manufacturing does the intricate job of producing superior metal parts and components through seamless metal fabrication so you can focus on more relevant goals. Our advanced machining capabilities and extensive expertise allow:

  • A smooth process from request to delivery
  • High-quality metal fabrication services with competitive pricing
  • Reliable service and on-time delivery
  • High-volume production at a 120,000-square-foot facility

Ensure Reliable Parts and Equipment for Your Industry

Stay ahead of the competition and provide reliable and consistent service to your customers with precise, durable and long-lasting metal parts and equipment. Submit your inquiries to start your metal manufacturing project.

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