Vertical Storage Carousels for Warehouses

Increase warehouse storage capacity and improve picking efficiency with vertical storage carousels by Summit Storage Solutions. As a vertical storage system, our carousels allow warehouses to store more inventory in a smaller footprint. This allows more inventory to be stored in a smaller floor area, which reduces the distance between shelves.

Beyond taking advantage of unused warehouse airspace, our carousels make it easier and safer for warehouse workers to perform their jobs. They feature simple controls for quick, easy operation, and deliver items at an ergonomic, waist-high height. This reduces the need for workers to bend and lift, which helps avoid back and other injuries. With vertical storage carousels doing the lifting for you, you can also reduce your warehouse’s dependence on forklifts and other material handling equipment.

Summit Storage has built custom vertical carousels for warehouses with a diverse range of needs and applications. Whether your facility stores raw materials, parts, or finished goods related to manufacturing, agriculture, or another industry, Summit Storage Solutions can build a warehouse storage solution to fit your needs.


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Custom Rack Solutions for Warehouses

Quality custom warehouse vertical storage solutions are a great way to make the warehouse that your business relies on more efficient and help you access your inventory faster. At Summit Storage Solutions, we understand that not all warehouses are built or function the same way. Two different warehouses may have vastly different layouts, be different sizes and feature different methods of storing and accessing inventory. When setting up warehouse storage racks, these and other considerations — like the size and shape of the product or the number of product types you are storing — must be taken into account.

That’s why, at Summit Storage Solutions, we treat every order for custom rack solutions for warehouses as a new and unique project. We don’t use a template or replicate something that we used for a prior warehouse job. Your custom rack solutions are just that: customized to your specific needs.

We want your warehouse vertical storage racks to fit perfectly into your warehouse setup, which is why we will work with your engineering or production team to make sure we have a full understanding of your requirements and can thoroughly meet them. You’ll get a dedicated packing engineer and customer service representative who will know all the details about your warehouse and your vertical storage carousel needs so you can be confident that your ultimate solution will be a great one.

Once we have seen your setup and worked with you to determine what your needs are, we’ll put together a concept plan for your review. Once you approve it, we’ll create a test piece. When it passes, we get your approval to produce your ideal vertical storage racks.

Once you’ve seen us in action, you’ll know why you’ll never need to contact anyone else for your warehouse storage rack needs. From design expertise to product quality to great customer service, there are countless reasons why Summit Storage Solutions is the best and only answer.

Sheet Metal Storage for Warehouses

Summit Storage Solutions can also provide you with reliable warehouse sheet metal storage racks. These warehouse racks could be just what you have been looking for if your company works with sheet metal. If you’re like a lot of companies that work with sheet metal, you have a warehouse full of the stuff, and there’s a good chance it may be all over the place. This creates disorganization, slows down workflow, prevents you from optimizing your space and can be a safety hazard.

Our sheet metal storage racks can eliminate all of those problems for you. You’ll get all that storage space back, since our warehouse sheet metal storage racks can give you as much as four times the storage density with a higher load capacity. You’ll enjoy a better-organized, neater workspace so your employees can get around and get the materials they need faster, more easily and, most importantly, more safely.

Our warehouse sheet metal storage solutions can also reduce the number of damaged sheets, make counts easier, and even lower the number of employees you need to dedicate to loading or unloading sheet metal. These warehouse storage racks can pay for themselves very quickly.

And you can store more than just standard sheet metal, too. We can offer you vertical storage racks that are suitable for everything from steel plate to wood sheets and laminates, aluminum, stainless steel, plastic sheets and composites. Just let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll provide you with an efficient vertical warehouse storage rack solution.

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For all your warehouse vertical storage needs, including warehouse sheet metal storage solutions, contact Summit Storage Solutions. We manufacture all of our products in-house in the United States, so we can offer you storage solutions for as little as a third of what other companies may charge. Despite our competitive pricing, you will get the highest level of quality and customer service when you order our storage racks and other storage solutions.

For sheet metal, clothes, rolled goods, raw materials, carpets or whatever else your warehouse happens to hold, Summit Storage Solutions has a vertical carousel that will save you untold amounts of space and make your job that much easier.

To find out more about how our storage carousels can streamline your warehouse operations, contact us online anytime.

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