Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy Metal Manufacturing

Successful components for equipment in renewable energy sources require specialized engineering, machinery and fabrication services. You’ll find them at Caldera Manufacturing Group, where we provide a full scope of metal fabrication services for the alternative energy sector. We have the necessary experience, knowledge and range of materials to craft high-precision, durable parts ready to stand up to sustainable power generation’s unique operating environments.

We’ve streamlined our processes to help you gain more control over yours, saving you time and money as a capable one-partner solution. Our team offers unrivaled customer service and a dedication to introducing added value through various services, like:

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Solar Energy Parts Manufacturing

Caldera Manufacturing Group has years of experience partnering with solar energy solution manufacturers. We have the industry expertise to take your raw materials and turn them into high-performance components that meet the application’s precision demands.

For example, our work with CEWA Technologies helped the company resolve its issues in bringing its solar-concentrator dish to completion. Their process had stalled due to high prototyping and short-run expenses with the existing design. The in-house fabrication engineering team at Caldera Manufacturing Group stepped in to develop a more cost-effective and faster approach that directly translated into success. We’ll happily provide the same support for solving your unique challenges.

Wind Energy Parts Manufacturing

We understand the importance of cost control and precision to success in wind energy equipment manufacturing. No matter the component you need, we’re a leading metal fabricator that provides a one-stop solution. Our solutions for the wind energy field include fabrication assistance for:

  • Base and anchor plates
  • Turbine blades and components
  • Brackets, rings and rotors
  • Foundation templates

We can also provide end-to-end support for product development and manufacturing, including designing, prototyping, packaging and logistics.

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Hydro and Geothermal Energy Parts Manufacturing

Since the industry is still developing, finding the right parts and fabrication partner for renewable energy sources can be challenging. Caldera Manufacturing Group distinguishes itself from others with decades of experience creating small and large specialized components required for hydro and geothermal energy systems.

Our custom fabrication approach allows us to collaborate with your experts on the component’s precise weight, strength and profile. We can then quickly produce an individual prototype or support full-scale production. Having a full-service partner like us also means design modifications are seamless and free of time-consuming coordination between multiple vendors.

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Benefits of Choosing Caldera Manufacturing Group

Caldera Manufacturing Group is a unified contract manufacturer with over 30 years of experience and a nationwide presence to serve companies throughout the United States. We’ve built a reputation as a trusted and innovative leader in full-service metal fabrication. We’re also known for our quality assurance, with an ISO 9001:2015 accreditation. Our facility is home to cutting-edge design and production technology, industry-certified professionals and climate-controlled machine shops.

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