Vertical Storage Carousels for Retail Stores

For warehouse clubs, grocery stores, and other retailers, vertical storage carousels can increase storage capacity while also making it easier to store and access backstock. Unlike static steel racks, vertical storage carousels deliver inventory straight to the worker with motorized rotating shelves, spools, or rods. This reduces the need for forklifts in the stockroom and decreases the amount of time needed to access backstock.

Our custom-built vertical storage carousels can handle food, hardware, dry goods, and consumer goods of all kinds. Their controls feature easy-to-use “up” and “down” buttons that require little to no training to operate.


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Custom Rack Solutions for Retail Stores

You probably already have a sense that in retail, storage racks — particularly vertical carousel storage racks — could be a huge asset. Anything that makes it easier, safer and simpler to get your products to your consumers has to be a good thing, right?

But if you’re a savvy retail store owner or manager, you probably realize that the standard retail racks aren’t necessarily going to work for your store. Perhaps you have already considered this, and it’s what made you reluctant to consider vertical storage solutions in the past.

Fortunately, at Summit Storage Solutions, we don’t specialize in standard retail vertical storage racks. We specialize in custom vertical storage racks designed specifically to fit your facility. It’s just as obvious to us that every retail store is different — in some cases radically different — than every other one. The needs for a warehouse club are different from the needs of a department store. Grocery stores have different storage needs than clothing stores.

Even retail stores that offer the same products or have the same concept may be laid out differently and have a completely different process. We understand this, which is why, when you come to Summit for customized vertical storage, we aren’t going to send you a single product without meeting you and your design team and seeing your operation first.

Every retail company that comes to us for custom vertical storage solutions gets a dedicated packing engineer and customer service staffer who are highly experienced in delivering just the type of storage product you need. You’ll relax the moment we start the process and create a design for your storage racks that we won’t move forward with until we’re sure they are exactly what you want.

We’ll then design, build and test a custom storage rack prototype and make sure it meets your, and our, exacting standards before going forward with production. At the end of the process, you’ll have vertical storage carousels that will eliminate wasted space, streamline your operation and allow you to store your goods better and get them to your customers faster.

Retail Sheet Metal Storage

If you need a reliable solution for sheet metal storage for retail, you probably haven’t had a clue where to turn. When people think of retail, sheet metal storage racks do not usually come to mind. Well, they do for us.

Even if you do not sell sheet metal to your customers, there are good reasons why your retail store or warehousing facility might have sheet metal in your inventory. Whatever the reason, the last thing you want is to have it disorganized and underfoot, interfering with your day-to-day operations.

Our sheet metal storage for retail solves that problem for you. Contact us and you’ll never have to worry about sheet metal getting in your way again. These sheet metal storage racks, which can leave you with four times the storage density plus greater load capacity, allow you to get your sheet metal together and in one place, where it is easily accessible and out of the way. Your sheet metal is less likely to be damaged or to interfere with other processes.

Even if you don’t work with sheet metal, these storage racks can come in handy for materials like wood sheets, plastic sheets, aluminum plates, stainless steel or laminate.

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Find Out About Our Vertical Carousel and Sheet Metal Storage Racks for Retail Right Now

As a retail establishment, your margins are extremely important to you. That’s why you’ll be happy to know you can enjoy tremendous savings when you choose Summit Storage Solutions’ vertical carousel racks over other vertical storage racks.

That’s because, even though we endeavor to customize the perfect storage racks for your business, we save on costs by doing all the work in our U.S. facility and then pass those savings on to you. Your savings can be up to two-thirds the price you might pay another storage solution provider. That’s on top of the financial benefits you can enjoy from the reduced breakage and extra productivity that our storage solutions provide.

We’re ready to help you streamline your retail business with quality vertical storage solutions right away. If you’re ready too, just contact us online right now. We look forward to helping you make your storage and organization problems disappear!

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