Vertical Storage Carousels for Auto Parts & Tires

In the automotive industry, finding and retrieving the right parts or tires efficiently is key for a business’ success. Unfortunately, many car dealership parts departments, auto manufacturer warehouses, independent parts warehouses, and similar organizations still rely on inefficient static shelving systems to store their inventories. These storage racks often take up too much floor space and quickly become disorganized, wasting valuable employee time during the finding and picking process.

Vertical storage carousels offer a space and time-saving solution to this storage problem. Because they are custom-made to fit your parts facility or warehouse, our carousels take advantage of more unused airspace than traditional racks or shelving. This allows businesses to fit more parts and tires per square foot of floor space. Furthermore, our vertical storage carousels feature easy-to-use controls with “up” and “down” buttons only – no keypads or computers.

With this method of operation, warehouse employees can quickly access the desired tray or shelf and pick the appropriate parts or tires. By delivering this inventory at the picker’s waist level, the carousels also help avoid heavy lifting and straining that can injure employees.

Our tray carousels can accommodate almost any kind of part, whether it’s in a tote, bin, box, or bag. We are also experienced manufacturers of vertical storage carousels for tires and custom storage carousels.

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Custom Rack Solutions for Automotive Vertical Storage

The reason our car vertical storage solutions are so accommodating is because we design custom automotive storage racks especially for you. We know as well as you do that you probably have a thousand different types of car parts and accessories littering your facility, and jamming them all into cookie-cutter automotive racks isn’t going to be much more helpful than jamming them into the shelves you have now.

The whole point of our vertical carousel storage racks for auto businesses is to simplify your operation. We want to make it easier for you to store all of those different parts so they don’t end up lying on the floor or hiding in the wrong location. We design our vertical carousel racks so that when you need a part, you know exactly where to look for it and can have it in your hands in seconds with the press of a button.

The only way we can do that is by designing a custom solution with your specific facility, parts and needs in mind. That’s why, when you call us, you’ll get a dedicated packing engineer and customer service staff member who will work overtime to make sure all of your needs are met. We will assess and analyze your entire facility and talk to you and your engineers about your storage needs and the best way for us to meet them.

Once we get started designing your perfect vertical storage solution, you’ll be with us every step of the way. Any concerns or questions you have will be addressed effectively and immediately.

We will move forward with a concept only when we are sure we have your complete approval and we will start making your product only we after we have built a prototype and tested it to verify it will provide exactly the results you expect and deserve. We’ve done it for many satisfied auto businesses before and we can do it for you too.

Sheet Metal Storage for Cars

Cars and metal go hand-in-hand, and if you are in the automotive industry, you probably have a tremendous need for car sheet metal storage. The good news is that sheet metal storage for automotive businesses is one of our biggest areas of expertise.

What are you doing with your sheet metal now? Is it lying all over the floor of your facility? Is it stacked up in a corner? Whatever your current automotive sheet metal storage solution is, it cannot compare to our car sheet metal storage racks. These racks can increase your storage density by a whopping 400 percent, giving you better load capacity and dramatically improving efficiency.

You’ll get those sheets out of the way, leaving you more room to work, sell your products or store other automotive parts. You’ll reduce the frequency of employees damaging your metal sheets or hurting themselves while trying to load them, retrieve them or avoid them. You’ll spend less time, less money and have fewer headaches when it comes to your sheet metal.

These sheet metal storage racks are also great for many other materials you may have in your facility, like stainless steel plates, aluminum, wood sheets, plastic sheets and laminates. They are an ideal space-saving solution.

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Summit Storage Solutions Has the Automotive Vertical Storage Racks You Need

When you have an automotive business, keeping track of your parts and being able to access them quickly is vital. Summit Storage Solutions has the custom storage rack capabilities to allow you to do that in a more efficient way than ever before and to do it affordably. Along with all the benefits of our custom storage racks, you’ll also save money.

We do everything when it comes to making your storage racks right here in the U.S. in our own facility. No need for importing anything from anywhere, meaning we can save a lot of money over our competitors who do. Naturally, we pass those savings on to you, so you can enjoy paying, in some cases, tens of thousands of dollars less than you might otherwise.

Of course, we can’t do any of this if you don’t get in touch. But that’s the easy part — just contact us online today to get started.

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