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High-precision solutions

Computer numerical control (CNC) machining creates various product parts by harnessing technology’s power for accuracy. Powerful software positions and guides the tools or workpieces rather than a human operator. As a result, CNC-machined components offer high-precision solutions.

Caldera Manufacturing proudly offers professional CNC machining to manufacturers across many industries. As a partner in your company’s success, we prioritize your satisfaction through world-class service and superior results. Our highly skilled team works to meet strict quality standards in our ISO 9001:2015-certified facility and collaborates with you on custom component design and fabrication.

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CNC Machining Capabilities

CNC machining is a trusted process for producing to-spec metal pieces with higher accuracy and more consistency than traditional machining equipment. It introduces more efficiency into the process since an operator can simultaneously oversee multiple machines without sacrificing quality. This equipment makes meeting tight deadlines possible, even with high-volume production and complex designs.

Caldera Manufacturing offers extensive expertise in several CNC machining capabilities.

CNC Machining Applications

CNC machined components provide value in applications and verticals like:

  • Structural elements and landing gear components in the aerospace industry.
  • Brake parts and steering assemblies in automotive manufacturing.
  • Surgical equipment and prosthetics in the medical and health care supply industry.
  • Armor, firearm components and vehicle parts for those in military and defense activities.
  • Antenna components in the telecommunications industry.
  • Parts manufacturing for tractors, harvesters and irrigation systems in agricultural manufacturing.

At Caldera Manufacturing, we also accommodate applications beyond those mentioned above. Our capabilities and advanced technology empower us to meet unique custom fabrication needs.

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Caldera Manufacturing traces its roots as a diversified, customer-driven contract manufacturing group to 1992. Our focus has remained the same for over three decades — delivering superior-quality results and exceptional customer service as a one-stop solution. We can help your business with primary and secondary services for medium- to large-scope projects, reducing your time and cost investment.

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