Agricultural Equipment

Metal Manufacturing for Agricultural Equipment

Our farmers depend on durable agricultural equipment with reliable performance to put food in our stores and, ultimately, on our tables. Your company supports farmers’ missions with high-quality solutions engineered to withstand daily use in rugged environments. Caldera Manufacturing Group helps you achieve that with¬†complete agricultural equipment metal fabrication services.

We’re a leader in empowering original equipment manufacturers and smaller enterprises with robust capabilities, including:

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Comprehensive Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing

Caldera Manufacturing Group has several state-of-the-art facilities strategically located countrywide. Each has cutting-edge equipment, climate-controlled machine shops, proficient design-software engineers and industry-certified fabricators.

This combined expertise allows us to deliver full-service fabrication support to multiple businesses.

Farm Equipment Components Fabrication

We partner with original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to craft precision farm equipment components like:

  • Farm vehicle, tractor and other field machine parts.
  • Hand tools, farming implements and equipment attachments.
  • Sanitation and safety products, like couplings, fixtures, valves and fittings.
  • Undercarriage components for backhoes, excavators and other machinery.
  • Critical systems’ assemblies, such as hydraulics, motors, pumps, braking systems and others.
  • Tires, rims, treads and tracks for agricultural systems.
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OEM Services for Smaller Agricultural Businesses

The Caldera Manufacturing Group can also be an OEM for family farms and smaller agricultural companies. Projects we’ve helped successfully bring from concept to completion include:

  • Tractors, cultivators, loaders, harvesters and fork trucks.
  • Seeding, irrigation, fertilizing and planting machines.
  • Pest control, produce-sorting and milking systems.

Benefits of Choosing Caldera Manufacturing Group

Many reasons exist to make us your preferred metal fabrication partner.

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Caldera Manufacturing Group proudly supports modern agriculture with full-service metal fabrication capabilities and high-volume production capacity. We’re here to advise on all your project needs with a talented workforce specializing in the industry’s equipment and challenges.

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