Metal Sheet Saw Cutting Services

Precision Cutting

At Caldera we have a vast range of saw cutting centers, the latest automated cold saw and band saw technology available. Our automation allows us to produce high to mid volume cutting service, accurately and faster than our competition.

Saw cutting is a practical and efficient way to create to-length metal tubes, bars and pipes. It can also be the ideal cutting method for irregularly shaped or curved components. Two types of saws are the most common in metal cutting techniques due to their versatility — band and circular saws.

Band saws have an unbroken band of metal teeth spanning between wheels. These are evenly spaced in increments to achieve fast, precise cuts. Circular saws have a round blade that spins to create the cuts. Our equipment also features computer controls to increase efficiency and dimensional accuracy. Their design and ruggedness help reduce vibrations to produce high-speed, exact results with smooth surface finishes. Both come in multiple blade sizes to meet project needs.

The Caldera Manufacturing team offers expert precision saw cutting as part of our full range of metal fabrication services. We strive to be a trusted part of your manufacturing team by prioritizing customer satisfaction. Our professionals support that commitment with a sharp focus on quality and the expertise and skills to craft custom projects.

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Caldera’s Saw-Cutting Capabilities

We invest in advance equipment and stay up to date on ever changing technology. Allowing us to provide results that meet your specifications and expectations, everyday.

Saw Cutting Applications

Caldera Manufacturing proudly offers precise saw cutting for those in industries like:

  • Construction for producing structural components for buildings, bridges and more.
  • Plumbing and industrial applications to provide cut-to-length pipes and tubes.
  • Automotive manufacturing for suspensions, exhaust systems and vehicle frames.
  • The renewable and alternative energy sectors for wind turbines, solar energy frame construction and more.
  • Electrical and electronic manufacturing for control panels and high-performance electrical equipment.

Saw-cutting applications go beyond those listed above, and we can develop a tailored strategy for yours. Please request more information about how we can help with a customized project solution.

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At Caldera Manufacturing, we embrace our role as part of your team. We’re a customer-driven contract manufacturing group with a track record of innovation and unwavering quality commitment. We’ve continued to diversify to meet customer needs, offering a wide range of services as a one-stop solution to save time and money.

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