Powder Coating Services

Corrosion Resistant Finish

We have both automated powder coating lines and batch systems that provide us with options to help accommodate your needs. Powder coating parts is a popular approach for creating a finish that resists corrosion. It also produces an aesthetically pleasing surface with a range of colors available.

The process starts with a spray gun, air pump and an attached bottle of powder coating. After preparing the metal for coating, an operator thoroughly sprays the part with the powder. The spray gun generates an electric charge that helps the particles cling to the component’s surface. Next comes curing, where the part undergoes exposure to very high heat in the oven. The extreme temperature helps harden the powder into a rugged and appealing coating.

Caldera Manufacturing is a trusted source for powder coating and is committed to your satisfaction. Our contract manufacturing group partners with businesses across many markets to deliver world-class quality results from our ISO 9001:2015-certified facility. Our team also has the experience, skill and equipment to help with your company’s custom metal fabrication and finishing needs.

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Our Powder Coating Capabilities

We believe in adding value that helps to reduce supply chain, enhance quality control, reduce lead times and ultimately lower the total cost for our customers. A demonstration of our commitment to adding value, are our powder coating operations in our Pennsylvania and Maryland facilities.

  • Automated powder coating line in our Maryland facility provides value add to customers that have mid to high volume production requirements.
  • The two batch powder coating systems in our Pennsylvania facility brings value for customers that have larger products in the medium to high volume run range.
  • Our powder coating operations are a clear display of our investment and commitment to adding value, being a true one source contract manufacture for customers across the country.

Caldera Manufacturing Uses Environmentally Friendly Powder Coating

At Caldera Manufacturing, we take our environmental responsibility as seriously as our quality and service commitment. Our powder-coating process reduces potential ecological damage in several ways.

Powder Coating Applications

Adding powder coating to your finished parts enhances their appearance and durability. We proudly provide our durable powder-coating solutions for various applications and industries like:

  • Construction equipment and products
  • Household appliance manufacturing for increased visual appeal and protection.
  • Agricultural machinery for improved resistance to weather, fertilizers and other environmental stressors.
  • Marine equipment manufacturing to withstand saltwater exposure.
  • Medical and health care equipment for long-lasting use under repeat sterilization and cleaning.

Metal powder coating can also add value to many other verticals and projects, and Caldera Manufacturing has the equipment and skills to help. Please consult with a team member to discuss your custom application needs.

Contact Caldera Manufacturing for Powder Coating Services

Our team began partnering with manufacturers for medium- and large-scale projects in 1992. Since then, we’ve diversified and improved with a customer-driven focus. Our capabilities allow us to save you time and money as a turnkey solution with competitive pricing.

Let us provide a quote or request a fabrication consultation with our experts by reaching out online today.

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