Industrial Vertical Storage Carousels for Manufacturers

With Summit Storage Solutions’ vertical storage systems, manufacturers can increase the efficiency and improve the safety of their material handling systems. By storing parts and raw materials in unused overhead air space, our vertical storage carousels improve floor space utilization, allowing you to reclaim a portion of the footprint used by your traditional storage system.

Our carousels feature simple controls for quick, easy retrieval of stored materials, bringing them to a height that is ergonomic and efficient for the operator to access. Proper storage in a carousel can also prevent damaged caused by other inventory organization practices like stacking.

Vertical storage systems aren’t just for warehouses, though. Because they can store and provide easy access to inventories of raw materials, workpieces, sub-products, parts, and final products, vertical carousels can be used in almost any stage of the manufacturing and distribution process.

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Custom Rack Solutions for Manufacturers

As a manufacturer, your operation has a lot of moving parts, which is why it is so useful to have a good option for vertical storage for manufacturing. We offer racks for manufacturing because we know that good organization is critical to a successful manufacturing operation, and our storage racks offer you just that.

The benefit of our vertical storage rack solutions for manufacturing is that we customize each one to the specific needs of the customer. A cookie-cutter solution simply will not for work for manufacturing because every manufacturer is so different. Even if you are manufacturing the same product as another company using our vertical storage carousels, you may have a completely different setup requiring a completely different way of using our vertical storage racks.

You can be sure that the vertical storage rack solution you get from Summit Storage Solutions will be the right one because we work with you every step of the way to make it right.

We design it with you, build it according to your specifications and don’t proceed through any step until we get your approval first. You approve the design, you approve the prototype and, once we’ve tested it, you approve final production and delivery. Your personal Summit Storage Solutions team will make sure you’re satisfied with the result all the way through.

Sheet Metal Storage for Manufacturing

As a manufacturer, you probably use a lot of sheet metal. But no matter how much sheet metal you use, you need to have a convenient way to store it and to access it when it comes time to use it for your products. That’s where using our sheet metal storage racks for manufacturing come in. These storage racks make it extraordinarily simple to get all the sheet metal you need, as fast as you need to, without having it cluttering up your production floor.

Once you have our sheet metal storage racks in place, you’ll find you have much more space for storage and working, a reduced chance of worker injury and fewer damaged or mishandled metal sheets. You can even use these versatile storage racks for wood sheets, plastic sheets, aluminum, stainless steel or composite sheets.

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Contact Summit Storage Solutions for Vertical Storage for Manufacturing

No matter what industry you are in, if you have to store anything as part of your manufacturing business, you need Summit Storage Solutions. Not only will you be amazed at the quality of our product, but you’ll also be amazed at the price. Because we manufacture everything in-house right in the U.S., we can offer you as much as two-thirds off what some competitors charge for storage solutions. That can make a big difference for your bottom line — and in manufacturing, every bit helps.

Whatever you manufacture, we at Summit Storage Solutions believe we can design the perfect vertical carousel storage racks for you. Put us to the test today! Contact us online anytime.

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