Custom Baskets/Containers

Custom Baskets/Containers

Custom baskets are great for shipping and storing stamped parts, such as those made by auto manufacturers. These baskets hold large-capacity loads, are easily stackable and can fit just about anywhere, generating tremendous space savings. Types of custom baskets that may be ideal for your industry include collapsible containers, which can be wire mesh or come with drop-down gates and working tray position baskets.

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Collapsible Containers

Collapsible containers, which can be wire mesh if you desire, are simple to use. You just lift the sides until they automatically lock in place and fill with product. You can keep three collapsible containers in the same space as a single rigid container and stack them to take full advantage of vertical space. Drop-down gate basket containers make positioning for loading and unloading simple and easy. You can even color-coordinate your containers, either to distinguish between different product loads or to brand your storage containers as belonging to your company.

Working Tray Position Baskets

Working tray position baskets are the ultimate multitaskers. These baskets are not only designed for great storage, but are also positioned to be parts dispensers. This means you can double your space utilization, so you don’t require multiple dedicated work areas. You’ll also cut down on wasted time, as your workers transport a bunch of small parts from a storage container to a work area. All they need to do is move the container door to the working tray position to access the parts.

The ergonomic design of the basket means higher productivity and fewer repetitive stress injuries, which also means less time off the line for your workers. A wide, adjustable side door means no need to reach over the top for materials, which can be a time-consuming and frustrating process.

Both collapsible containers and working tray position baskets have huge load capacities — as much as 4,000 pounds is possible. They can both be stacked up to six units high, even when fully loaded, for massive space savings, and they’re both highly durable and rigid, so they last a long time and protect your parts.

Summit Storage Solutions can work with you to find just the right custom baskets and containers to suit your industry. Based on the product you manufacture, the size of your warehouse and your general production needs, we can help you come up with a plan and design to streamline your production line using our quality, custom-made baskets and containers. Contact Summit Storage today to get started.

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