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Because of its high accuracy, efficiency and cost savings, laser cutting has emerged as one of today’s most popular metal fabrication processes. Laser technology provides precise cuts at fast speeds with outstanding repeatability, helping businesses maximize production while decreasing manual labor costs. Laser fabrication equipment delivers superior results over traditional methods like shearing and waterjet cutting, regardless of a project’s size or complexity.

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Laser Cutting Benefits

The laser cutting process involves a precision laser beam that burns, melts or vaporizes a workpiece and a gas stream that removes the waste, creating a clean, smooth finish. Upon completion, the operator removes the workpiece from the equipment for a brief cooling period. Because the laser beam is highly concentrated, it ensures no scorching and produces minimal warping.

Laser cutting’s many advantages have made it the preferred fabrication choice of various industries, from automotive and medical manufacturing to heavy equipment and agricultural applications.

Several benefits that laser cutting delivers over traditional metal cutting processes include:

  • Cutting through a comprehensive range of materials without the added costs of tooling.
  • Reducing the amount of contamination on a workpiece.
  • Producing small holes and intricate shapes with exceptional edge quality.
  • Offering high precision and clean cuts to minimize product waste and spoilage.
  • Utilizing less energy and resources than conventional fabrication methods to produce the same amount of work.
  • Increasing workplace safety and minimizing employee injuries.

Types of Metal Laser Cutting Services We Offer

Caldera Manufacturing Group is a leading provider of high-quality laser cutting services across Pennsylvania and the East Coast. We stand above the competition by offering superior technical knowledge, extensive manufacturing expertise and innovative equipment. Each project we undertake receives the highest attention to detail and a sense of urgency, regardless of the job’s size.

Our highly skilled sales team and supporting staff will help to ensure that your expectations and requirements are met and maintained start to finish. Our ISO 9001 certification and other accreditations emphasize our commitment to exceptional quality.

The two primary categories of laser cutting we offer include:


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If you want to learn more about how our advanced laser-cutting services can benefit your business, the professionals at Caldera Manufacturing Group can guide you. Our team has decades of combined experience helping customers increase productivity, improve quality and save money with our innovative metal fabrication services. Contact us online today to discuss the details of your next project.

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