WIP (Work in Progress) Racks

WIP — What Is Work in Progress and Assembly Line Storage?

Work in Progress carts are designed to help you easily get unfinished materials from one part of the production process to another. They are critical for improving workflow and protecting and storing parts, as they go from one part of the assembly line or manufacturing process to another. Heavy and unwieldy items, such as a Mack truck engine, can be extremely difficult to transport, but the right WIP carts make it much easier and safer. Summit Storage offers multiple options for transporting your materials more easily. We can even add casters on the bottom of racks.

We can also custom-fabricate a reusable prototype to test with your specific materials for use in the assembly process. If the prototype meets your satisfaction, we will then produce your carts. Rather than, for example, paying for a wooden skid plus disposal fees every time you want to move materials through your production process, the Summit Storage equipment carts fabrication process will create just the right cart for you once, so you can use them for transportation, storage or shipping as needed.

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What Is a WIP Cart?

If there is manufacturing that takes place in your facility, it may not always be easy to get your product from one station to the next for as many stages as it takes to complete the process. It would be nice if everything could be manufactured on a simple conveyor belt assembly line, but modern designs are sometimes too complicated for this.

When you are dealing with excessively heavy or fragile pieces that need to travel safely and easily to their next fabrication, you need a cart designed specifically for this job. These carts are known as Work In Progress carts, or WIP carts, and Summit Storage can provide all of them that you will need.

WIP Cart Uses

WIP storage carts have myriad uses, from transporting heavy engine parts or other vehicle accessories from one part of an auto or airplane manufacturing facility to another, to transporting incomplete products containing fragile or unstable materials to their next station safely, to many other possible functions in a variety of industries where assembly requires that an item travel considerable distances throughout your facility before reaching completion.

Why Custom-Fabricate Your Work in Progress Storage Carts?

The benefit of letting us build your Work in Progress racks from the ground up is that it allows you to ensure that the WIP racks you receive are just right for your needs. You tell us what you’re looking for in a WIP cart and we will design one that meets your specifications. We won’t start building until you’ve approved our concept and we won’t fill your order until we’ve tested a prototype and made sure your carts are going to allow you to do exactly what you need to do with them.

We always make sure you have regular access to a design expert and a top-level customer service agent from Summit Storage so you never have to worry about how things are going or if we’re sticking to the design that you want. You are in total control.

Find Out More About Summit Storage Solutions WIP Carts Now

If you have been losing time and productivity trying to get products in different stages of development all over your facility, it’s time to make a change. Work in Progress carts can dramatically help reduce the chances of worker injury, lost or damaged parts or improperly made parts. They can increase productivity and improve worker satisfaction. They also can save you a tremendous amount of space.

In addition to all of this, our WIP cart solutions are extremely affordable. We manufacture everything right here in our U.S. facility, so we are able to control production and reduce unnecessary costs, which means we can offer you some of the most competitive rates on our storage carts that you are likely to find anywhere.

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