Vertical Storage Carousels for Print Cylinders, Sleeves, Mandrels, and Paper Products

For commercial printers, our customized vertical storage carousels provide simple, efficient storage for unwieldy print cylinders, print sleeves, mandrels, paper rolls, and more. Our print cylinder storage carousels can be designed to hold one, two, or three cylinders per level, while our roll storage carousels can accommodate numerous paper rolls up to 28 inches in outer diameter and 1200 lbs in weight.

How does this vertical storage benefit your business?

  • By storing print cylinders and other tools and materials in unused air space in your printing facility, our vertical carousels free up precious floor space for other uses.
  • Our carousels’ simple controls and fast delivery make it quick and easy to access your stored inventory, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing lead times.
  • Proper off-the-ground storage in vertical carousels protects stored items from damages.
  • Our carousels deliver inventory at an ergonomic, waist-high height that reduces the chance of workers being injured while bending and lifting heavy items.


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Custom Rack Solutions for Printing Vertical Storage and Paper Products Vertical Storage

Can you really expect a standard vertical storage rack to be sufficient for your printing needs? With the shape and size of printing cylinders and paper rolls, it’s always been clear to us that we cannot just manufacture one solution when it comes to printing storage racks or paper product racks. Any company that tells you they can “adapt” their vertical storage solutions to work as printing racks are kidding themselves and you.

Get the printing and paper products storage racks you need and deserve by getting in touch with Summit Storage Solutions for custom vertical storage racks for printing or paper products. We will design a custom vertical storage carousel that will actually fit your products, allowing you to store everything you need to and access any product whenever you need it.

You’ll know right away you’ve made the right choice when you talk to the packing engineer and customer service representative that we have selected especially for your vertical storage rack project. We’ll check out your operation and your products and work up a concept that fits it perfectly. We’ll then meet with your team to hash out any discrepancies or concerns until we have a plan that you love.

With your approval, we’ll go right to work developing a prototype — and once it has been rigorously tested and we have your approval, we’ll go to work manufacturing your custom vertical rack storage solution. You’ll be following us every step of the way so you’ll never have to worry about anything being missed or questions left unaddressed.

Sheet Metal Storage for Printing and Paper Products

If you have sheet metal in your facility for paper products or printing, sheet metal storage solutions are available as well. Sheet metal that you store improperly can disrupt your workflow and create a safety hazard for employees. You also risk damaging more metal sheets as your workers try to figure out what to do with them.

Sheet metal storage for paper products or printing companies is not always a priority, but if you have need of it, our sheet metal storage racks are the way to go, with the ability to give you a higher load capacity and up to 400 percent greater storage density.

While you may not have sheet metal among your printing or paper products, sheet metal storage racks can still prove extremely useful for storing materials like plastic sheets, aluminum sheets, wood sheets or laminates.

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Contact Summit Storage Solutions for Vertical Carousel Storage Racks for Printing and Paper Products

What business couldn’t benefit from greater organization and efficiency? When you order our vertical carousel storage racks for printing or our sheet metal storage racks, that’s exactly what you get — and you get it at a price you can afford. Because we keep all of our production in-house in our U.S. facility, you can end up paying significantly less than another company might charge for storage solutions.

Ready to find out more? We’re ready to tell you all about how we can match you with the perfect vertical storage rack. Just contact us online to get started right away.

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