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Vertical Carousels for Carpeting and Rug Manufacturers, Warehouses and Retailers

Vertical roll storage carousels are perfect for organizing and storing large, ungainly materials like carpeting and rugs. While our roll carousels can be used for any difficult to manage rolled materials from vinyl to textiles, they are particularly useful for storing and dispensing large pieces of carpet to be cut and re-rolled for delivery or installation.

Not only are our carousels able to save up to 70% of the floor space required to store your stock of carpet or rugs, but storing them in separate horizontal rolls can greatly reduce damage caused to products by storing them on the floor or in disorganized stacks. Our carousels are able to carry rolls up to a 28 inch outside diameter and 1200lbs, making them quickly and safely accessible to operators.

Vertical carousels by Summit Storage Solutions are constructed with simple, reliable mechanical operation and controls. This makes them easy and quick to use with very little training, while avoiding the complexity and unreliability that can result from computer driven automated systems.

Our roll carousels’ height, motorized operation, and ability to dispense rolled goods set them apart from carpet storage racks and other non-customized static storage solutions. To learn more about these carousels, visit our roll vertical storage carousel page.

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Custom Rack Solutions for Carpeting and Rug Businesses

You probably have carpet racks for your rugs and carpets right now, and you may have made use of carpet vertical storage before, but you’ve never had carpet storage racks like this. Our carpet and rug vertical storage solutions are custom-made — not one of a thousand identical rug storage racks that roll off an assembly line.

If you’ve never had a custom vertical storage rack solution for your carpet and rug business before, you may not realize what a difference this can make. Different carpet businesses are organized differently, with different rug shapes and sizes, different ways of arranging rugs and a different process for storing or shipping carpet products.

We will design vertical carpet storage racks to perfectly suit your product and your process, and you will be stunned about how much easier this makes your day-to-day operations. You’ll have an easier time locating, loading and unloading carpet so that you can get your products where they need to go, fast. You’ll have much more space than you ever imagined and, because there will be no need to delay racking your carpets, you’ll have that space virtually all the time.

How do we do it? We assign one of our highly experienced packing engineers, along with one of our talented customer service experts, to each of our customers, with the instructions that they treat your vertical storage rack project with the highest priority. We will analyze your facility, your process and your needs and design an expert storage solution just for you, with any and all input you want to provide.

Once we come up with a concept you’ll love, we will develop a prototype. We’ll test that prototype rigorously to make sure it meets your specification and our own exacting standards before producing as many custom vertical storage racks as you think you’ll need. The result is the ideal vertical storage solution for your carpets and rugs.

Carpet Sheet Metal Storage

Another product we can offer you is sheet metal storage. For carpet businesses, sheet metal is not necessarily a major sale item, but this material and materials like it can potentially play a part in your business. If you do have sheet metal in your warehouse or the facility where you sell carpet, sheet metal storage racks can be a huge benefit to you.

The last thing you want in your carpet facility is an abundance of sheet metal all around. You don’t need any employees hurting themselves tripping over a piece of sheet metal when trying to deliver a rug. Sheet metal storage racks will go a long way towards preventing that from happening.

Sheet metal storage for rugs and carpet businesses can help you easily get all your sheet metal out of the way so you can stay organized and focus on the business of selling carpet. You’ll forget all about your sheet metal until you need it, at which time you’ll be able to access it without a problem.

Our sheet metal storage racks can provide up to four times as much storage density and greater load capacity. If you’ve been frustrated about the time and manpower you’ve had to waste dealing with sheet metal, our sheet metal storage solutions can make them all go away.

Don’t have any sheet metal at your business? What about laminates? How about plastic sheets? These sheet metal storage racks work great with these materials as well as stainless steel, wood sheets, aluminum and more. Give our sheet metal storage racks a try.


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Our vertical carousel storage solutions can dramatically help you increase efficiency and we can even do it at a lower price than you would ever expect. Because we do all of our design and manufacturing right here in the United States in-house, we can offer a product that is two or three times more affordable than what others can charge.

Designing great vertical carousel storage racks for rugs and carpets is one of our specialties, and we’d love to show you what we can do for you. We are confident we can help streamline your operation so that you can do more, faster, and with fewer employees. The first step is to get in touch and let us know what your storage needs are. It’s easy to do so — just contact us online right now.

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