What Can Be Made With a Cnc Machine?

October 16, 2019

What can you make with a CNC machine? Computer numerical control (CNC) machines shape material using pre-programmed routines. They can create parts efficiently and at a high degree of precision. As a result, many industries rely on components made with CNC machines. The sectors that use CNC machining include the ones listed below and others critical to everyday life.

Automotive and Transportation

Advanced CNC software and machinery can create parts for many types of vehicles. Engine builders can use CNC machines for multiple components, including cylinder heads and engine blocks. CNC machines create parts for vehicles such as:

  • Automobiles: Manufacturers and fabricators can design certain parts for cars, buses, trucks and motorcycles in a CNC-compatible format. They can then automate the production of these parts.
  • Trains: A CNC machine can cut and shape the sturdy exterior parts for public and private trains.
  • Aerospace: CNC machines can produce parts used for the exteriors and interiors of aircraft and spacecraft.
  • Marine: Exterior and interior parts for many boat models come from CNC production.

CNC machines can produce public transportation vehicle partsmarine and boat parts and other vehicle components.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

Original equipment manufacturers work with a variety of components and product designs. CNC machines can contribute to many steps of the OEM metal fabrication process, including:

  • Prototypes: The 3D and 2D capabilities of a CNC machine allow it to make prototypes for parts and finished products.
  • Mass production parts: CNC machining can automate the production of certain parts. Specialty machines can also work with materials that other machines cannot handle.

CNC machinery can increase efficiency and precision for original equipment manufacturer companies from design to production.

Consumer Electronics and Other Products

Electronics and other consumer products require high levels of accuracy during production. In the consumer products and electronics industry, CNC machines produce:

  • Electronic components: CNC machines can cut and shape the sensitive metal parts that make electronics function.
  • Housing and enclosures: The enclosures and housing that protect electronic components can also come from CNC production.
  • Appliance parts: A CNC machine can also produce the heavier-duty parts that form reliable household appliances.

Since CNC machines work with metal, plastics and many other materials, they can contribute to multiple steps of consumer manufacturing.

Construction and Architecture

A CNC machine can shape heavy-duty parts for construction that last. This advanced machinery can follow computer specifications to create:

  • Architectural elements: CNC machinery creates architectural elements such as doors out of materials such as wood and metal.
  • Pipes and railing: A CNC bending machine can bend metal tubes and pipes into pipes and railing for construction projects.
  • Building models: A CNC machine can create a detailed building model out of materials such as plastic and composite during the building design process.

The precision of a well-executed CNC process facilitates high-quality results in construction.

CNC Manufactured Products From Fairlawn Tool, Inc.

Fairlawn Tool, Inc. specializes in single-source fabrication and manufacturing solutions. We use CNC machining as one of our advanced techniques for forming metal parts for a wide range of industries. Contact us online today to learn how we can utilize CNC machinery for your business.

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