Tube Bending for the Aerospace Industry

September 25, 2017

If you’re not sure whether your next aerospace project requires tube bending, there’s a good chance it does! For example, if you work in the aerospace industry, tube bending for aircraft has become an efficient — and in some cases vital — way to provide necessary parts for aircraft. Tube bending can be more complicated than it appears, so it’s important to put your trust in a qualified professional with the best equipment for your aerospace tube bending.

How Is Tube Bending Used in the Aerospace Industry?

One very important way the industry uses aerospace tube bending involves fabricating replacement hydraulic tubes. Precision aerospace tube bending provides an economical way to replace these tubes to quickly repair or replace fluid lines on aircraft. The thick titanium alloy that aerospace engineers often use in such an application requires a powerful aerospace CNC tube bending machine to effectively bend the tubes to the right angle.

CNC control allows the bender to make sure the measurements are precise, whether left-handed or right-handed bending is required, and whether you’re working with larger or smaller tubes. This level of precision is crucial when fabricating parts for planes, which rely on perfectly working parts while they are in the air.

You can find parts fabricated using precision titanium tube bending in everything from smaller planes to major commercial airplanes like Boeing 787 Dreamers or Airbus A380 superjumbo jetliners. If you operate in the aerospace industry and are looking to increase accuracy and reduce costs, finding a quality tube bender could be the perfect solution.

Contact Fairlawn Tool for Tube Bending for Aerospace and Your Industry

At Fairlawn Tool, we possess a Crippa 955LE CNC tube bender. This sophisticated Italian tube bending machine is rarely found in the United States and has sophisticated capabilities that make it a highly effective aerospace CNC tube bending tool. Capabilities of this amazing machine include the abilities to manually index for both clockwise and counterclockwise bending, create multiple close shapes in one cycle and form bends with a radius smaller than 0.8d.

Our tube bending equipment can minimize your waste while saving you money and energy and increasing production speed for projects in the aerospace industry and beyond. If you use complex metal parts in your industry and think tube bending may be for you, we’d love to talk to you today. We can tell you more about the benefits of our tube bender and how it applies to your projects.

To learn more about how Fairlawn Tool tube bending and metal fabrication can benefit your projects, contact us today.

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