How to Go From Design to Fabrication

September 15, 2021

Every great product begins as an idea. Researchers, engineers and manufacturers all play a part in transforming that idea into a viable product that improves the lives of those who use it. Moving your product through the stages from design to fabrication to product release is a complex process with many factors involved.

Each idea flows through gradual stages that lead to the ultimate mass production of a successful new product.

1. Prototype Design

The first step in the manufacturing process is to come up with a practical design. You will typically begin design fabrication with intense research on your field and the problem you want to address with your new product.

After you’ve conducted thorough research on the topic, you may sketch some potential designs or work on computer programming to understand how you can effectively build your idea into a functional product.

2. Prototype Build

At this stage, you’ve completed your final prototype design and are now working toward creating your prototypes. You will usually produce several iterations of your primary prototype to get an informed idea of which design accomplishes your goal best.

The prototype step in the fabrication process allows you to test your product to work out any lingering flaws before producing your product at scale.

3. Full Production Manufacturing

When you’re satisfied with your prototype, you can move on to full-scale manufacturing. Reliable, experienced fabricators play a significant role in the quality and success of your final product. Your manufacturer should set you up for a successful product launch by ensuring your product is durable and functional.

Seek out a competent fabricator with experience in your field so they can turn the product of your dreams into a viable reality.

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