Hot Metal Stamping for the Automotive Industry

April 16, 2018

Hot Metal Stamping For The Automotive Industry

More and more companies are using hot stamping, especially in the automotive industry. What was once a rarity is now becoming fairly common, for the simple reason that hot stamping car parts allows one to create high-strength steel parts that are lightweight, resulting in an overall lighter and more efficient vehicle.

Automobile manufacturers are constantly looking for better ways to streamline their product. Two of the most important features that automakers often look to improve upon are fuel-efficiency and impact-resistance. Cars that can go farther on less fuel are highly desirable in the modern era, as are safer cars that can resist more crash damages. This makes hot stamping of metal parts an ideal technique for the automotive industry.

What’s The Point Of Hot Metal Stamping For The Automotive Industry?

The 2016 Honda Civic, which utilized hot stamping technology for its automotive metal stamping, weighed 20 percent less than the previous metal, largely because of a body that was nearly 60 percent lightweight high-strength steel.

Over the last five years, the number of hot stamped lines has gone up from 15 percent to 20 percent, and it’s easy to see why hot metal stamping in the automotive industry will continue to grow. There can be no doubt that it allows car makers to create cars that are more impact-resistant and fuel-efficient than their predecessors, which is better for consumers and profits.

Hot metal stamping for the automotive industry typically involves superheating boron steel to over 1700 degrees and quenching it inside the die itself, resulting in a high-strength steel part with many desirable properties. The big challenge facing hot metal stamping auto part designers is that because these high-strength steel parts are so strong, they’re difficult to cut and customize after forming. Fortunately, advanced laser technology can enable the necessary cutting and trimming of these parts, which may be a big contributor to why this method is gaining popularity.

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