How to Improve the Quality of Your Manufactured Goods

June 5, 2023

Quality is one thing that should never be compromised in manufacturing. When quality control in manufacturing declines, so do the manufacturer’s sales and customer relationships. Although the often mundane tasks associated with manufacturing quality control can be easily overlooked, it’s crucial that you keep a tight watch on your quality assurance practices.

Whether you’ve suffered quality issues in the past or you’re just looking for ways to improve your manufacturing quality control, take a look below to see Fairlawn Tool, Inc.’s tips for maximizing the quality of your manufactured goods.

Provide Your Team With Collaboration Tools

If you’re a sizable manufacturer, you should have an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system in place so you can organize supply chain data from a single platform. However, many manufacturers still lack a convenient way for all of their employees involved in the production process to collaborate on a centralized platform regarding quality control.

To gain valuable manufacturing process insights from all of your team members, implement collaboration tools that enable everyone on your team to voice concerns about goods and processes. Store that information in your ERP system for future reference to make sure that you address manufacturing quality control issues as they come up — and before they become larger problems for your company.

Use The Product’s Warranty Claims As A Quality Assurance Guide

Product warranties will tell you what your customers expect from your product. While designing and manufacturing products according to their warranties’ promises seems obvious to any experienced manufacturer, using product warranties as basic quality assurance guidelines provides an essential foundation for building a manufacturing quality control process or repairing one that needs improvement.

Providing your team with a designated warranty checklist can go a long way in improving the quality of your manufactured goods — and your customer relationships.

Pay Attention To Customer Feedback On Your Product

Sometimes, the most effective way of gauging the quality of your manufactured goods is listening to your customers’ responses. Does the product function as promised? Is your customer service department getting a significant number of warranty-related calls? What are the most frequent product issues your customers bring up?

Gathering and understanding customer feedback lets you know what you need to tweak in your manufacturing process to improve customer satisfaction. Better yet, categorize your customer feedback by the most commonly noted problems and store the data in your ERP software.

Keep Systems That Work, And Change Those That Don’t

When you realize that your quality control needs a tune-up, it may be tempting to over-compensate and do a complete process overhaul. However, it’s important to differentiate between systems that are working well and those experiencing the actual problems. Quality control in manufacturing includes pinpointing what isn’t working and replacing it with a better practice — which should involve the whole team.

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