Improving Industrial Storage: Vertical Storage & Lift Systems

January 17, 2014

Go vertical for More Efficient Organization, saving you time and money.

Remember when the internet was brand new and we questioned whether email was just a fad? Here we are years later and I couldn’t imagine keeping up with the pace of modern business without either of these tools. Think about how much less efficient and effective we would be. Think of the resources, time and money that they help us save.

Why don’t we think of vertical storage in the same way? Vertical storage and lift systems provide the same opportunity to save space, get organized, increase efficiency and lower your total cost. How can anyone argue that this isn’t worth the investment? It’s just common sense.

Here’s a few ways that Summit Vertical Storage Solutions can help:

More Storage

  • Summit Vertical storage can be custom built to your height specifications to make sure that you are using every inch of vertical space, giving almost any commercial or industrial storage space more storage for less money.
  • Summit Storage Vertical Storage Systems can provide up to 25 times more product storage per square foot.


  • Vertical storage systems will allow efficient movement and storage of inventory within your facility. No forklifts or ladders required.
  • Items in the vertical storage systems can be presented to the operator at a comfortable ergonomic height, eliminating all reaching and bending. Less employee fatigue means faster work and happier employees.


  • Our systems make it easy to organize product or inventory and keep it that way. No more moving one item aside to get to another.
  • Our systems are custom built to order, so they can be made to perfectly fit whatever storage containers or products you already use, making the transition faster, easier and less expensive.

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