Introducing Summit Steel’s New 6kw Fiber Laser

April 26, 2018

In today’s fast-paced manufacturing world, finding ways to get products to market as quickly as possible is paramount. Many companies are turning to fiber laser applications to provide better service to their customers and gain a competitive edge. Summit Steel is proud to announce the acquisition of a state-of-the-art 6kW 3015 Fiber Laser from Bystronic, Inc. that enables us to cut various types of materials faster than ever.

6kW Fiber Laser Capabilities

The Bystronic fiber laser delivers increased power and higher cutting precision than a 4kW fiber laser — for example, it can cut 1/8-inch stainless steel sheet metal up to 70 percent faster. The machine can perform intricate cuts that aren’t possible with less sophisticated machinery, doing so to create round and square shapes, angled and channel cuts and even non-traditional shapes. The 6kW fiber laser also eliminates the need for slower, less accurate applications such as metering, sawing, drilling and punching.

The 6kW Fiber Laser Offers a Host of Benefits

Besides faster fiber laser cutting, this revolutionary machine delivers the following:

  • Lower energy costs – The fiber laser’s more efficient operation significantly reduces power consumption, which contributes to a lower overall project cost. Depending on how it’s used and other factors, the laser can be up to 20 times more efficient than traditional cutting equipment.
  • Multifunctionality – One 6kW 3015 fiber laser can do the work of many machines. In addition to reducing production time, this allows us to clear more floor space for other valuable equipment, increasing the capabilities we can offer to our customer base. The fiber laser’s surprisingly compact design also requires less room than larger, bulkier equipment.
  • Improved quality – The remarkable precision of the Bystronic fiber laser reduces the number of cutting mistakes that lead to expensive, time-consuming redos. Our customers can expect a finished product that will meet and even exceed their quality expectations.
  • Less maintenance – Fiber lasers have fewer preventive maintenance requirements than traditional laser systems. You won’t have to worry about downtime resulting from a lengthy machine overhaul or repair job putting your project behind schedule. The longer diode life also lowers long-term maintenance costs.
  • Fast, easy upgrades – The 6kW fiber laser is an extremely adaptable cutting machine. We’ll be able to upgrade it quickly and affordably to meet your increased production requirements or accommodate new fiber laser applications as needed.
  • No expensive gases required – Fiber lasers do not require the use of pricey consumable gases such as carbon dioxide or helium, which helps us to keep the cost of our cutting services as low as possible.

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