What Machinery is Used in Metal Fabrication?

October 13, 2021

From doorknobs and locks to cars and kitchen appliances, metal manufacturing produces many of the tools and products we use every day. Metal fabrication plays a significant role in the advancement of technology and innovation.

As new machines and processes are implemented into metal manufacturing, fabricators can create more advanced products and increase efficiency. This innovation makes new products more affordable, giving more people access to them.

Metal fabrication machinery speeds up the production rate, reduces operation costs and increases the accuracy of its processes.

Metal Fabrication Machinery

Many tools and machines are involved in metal fabrication. Each piece of machinery has a specific role in the manufacturing process, allowing manufacturers to offer a broad selection of services and techniques to ensure your final product aligns with your exact specifications.

These machines can help to perform tasks more accurately and speed up production to save you valuable time and money. Metal fabrication machinery can help perform stampingweldingtube bendingrobotic welding and metal bending.

The following machines are essential for many tasks in metal manufacturing:

  • CNC machine: A computer numerical control (CNC) machine processes metal by following a coded instruction from a computer. This machine can help with many processes, including turret punching, cutting and sheet metal stamping.
  • Press brakes: Sheet metal fabricators use press brakes to help bend the metal into the correct shape. These tools can be used in the fabrication of metal tubing.
  • Plate rolls: This machinery is used to roll metal sheets into round or conical shapes.
  • Shears: These machines cut metal and are typically used to create metal sheets for production.
  • Turret punch: A turret punch shapes metal by punching and is ideal for mass production.

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