The Benefits of Precision Tube Bending for Military and Defense Applications

March 23, 2017

When it comes to military and defense applications, accurate tube bending is crucial. Precision tube bending for defense applications means components are consistent and accurate from batch to batch. Military applications can require extremely complex tube assemblies, and if components are improperly or inaccurately manufactured, the final product could fail — which could be a lethal catastrophe in the case of military and defense.

Since precision tube bending for military applications is so important, it’s crucial to make sure your metal fabrication company uses the best possible tools. For precision tube bending, that means the Crippa Tube Bender, and if you need tube bending in the United States, Fairlawn Tool is one of the few companies where you will find this precision machine.

The Crippa Tube Bender for Precise Tube Bending for Military Applications

The Crippa 955LE CNC Tube Bending Machine from Italy is one of the most advanced, effective and accurate tube bending machines in the world. With it, we can handle multiple automatic bending cycles or make close shapes in one cycle, even if the tubes typically require two-way bending.

Fairlawn Tool is among a handful of U.S. companies to provide tube bending via a Crippa Tube Bending Machine. This machine not only allows for close shapes in single cycles, it offers fully automated cycles. It can even be used on tubes that require two-way bending. If precision is your number one priority — and for projects involving defense or the military, it certainly should be — a company with a Crippa tube bender is the only metal fabrication company you should be considering.

Fairlawn Tool for All Your Precise Metal Fabrication Needs

Naturally, since our metal fabrication capabilities are good enough for the military, they are good enough for a wide range of other industries as well, including agriculturalconstruction, and more. Any situation where you require fast, highly accurate metal fabrication is one where using Fairlawn Tool can be a huge asset.

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Fairlawn Tool metal fabrication capabilities are not limited to just tube bending. We also offer high-quality metal stamping, CNC turret punching, welding and more. Whether you need precise, accurate metal fabrication for your military or defense contract or another industry, find out how Fairlawn Tool can be your one-stop shop for all your metal fabrication needs.

No matter what your business is, it can be extremely costly to leave your metal fabrication to chance. You and your clients deserve the best. To learn more, get in touch with us today.

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