How to Choose a Carousel Storage System

September 21, 2020

If you operate a business in the warehousing, manufacturing, distribution, retail or automotive industry, a carousel storage system is one way to save time and space in your daily operations. Carousel storage systems are storage solutions that are custom-fit to the dimensions and layout of your space. Depending on the type of system you choose, the carousel stores items either horizontally or vertically, with automatic controls to make it easier to locate and access what you need.

Carousel storage systems can contribute to less product damage and a safer workplace because they keep items safely secured off the floor. They also limit the need for workers to climb ladders to access overhead storage. They are easy to use and require no lengthy training or computer systems to operate. With the push of a button, the carousel system moves and adjusts to give you convenient access to the product you need.

Learn more about the different types of carousel storage systems, including what carousel storage system is best for your business.

Vertical Vs. Horizontal Carousel Storage

Carousel storage systems are either vertically or horizontally aligned. Choosing your configuration comes down to your specific needs and space restraints:

  • Vertical carousel storage systems: Though both types of carousel systems have their benefits, vertical carousel systems are particularly efficient at providing space-saving storage and easy access. Vertical storage carousels are designed to automatically move items in a forward or reverse motion around a vertically-aligned track. Many business operators use vertical carousels in lieu of or alongside industrial shelving. They are ideal for small spaces, as well as large warehouses that want to establish a more streamlined organization.
  • Horizontal carousel storage systems: Horizontal carousel storage systems are carousels that are similar to shelving, except they automatically move items around the horizontal track. Depending on the manufacturer, you may be able to create a multi-level horizontal system.

Types Of Vertical Carousel Storage Systems At Summit Storage Solutions

Summit Storage Solutions offers a variety of vertical carousel storage systems for multiple industries and applications. Depending on your business’ specific needs, consider one of the following storage solutions:

  • Garment: Vertical garment storage carousels are designed to accommodate clothing — including suits, coats and gowns — at big box stores, clothing retailers, warehouses and manufacturing facilities. They allow you to hang clothes instead of keeping them stored away, which transforms your stock room into a showroom and keeps garments in pristine condition.
  • Print cylinder: Vertical print cylinder storage carousels are intended for use in the printing industry, where they securely hold printing plates on cylinders for rotary printing presses. Unlike traditional print cylinders, vertical carousels are easier to use and take up far less space.
  • Roll: Roll storage carousels hold carpet, rugs, vinyl and other fabrics or textiles in home retailer and carpet warehouses. They are a great way to keep items off the floor while also keeping them easy to find. Roll carousels protect sensitive textiles from damage caused by improper storage. You can also use them in different settings, like logistics fulfillment or automotive detailing.
  • Spool: Vertical spool carousels provide storage and automated access to large spools of thread, rope, chain, cords, wire or anything that requires reel-like storage. This makes them a valuable asset at automotive shops, manufacturing facilities, warehouses and home improvement retailers.
  • Tire: Large stacks of tires can be a serious threat to personnel, and they make it challenging to locate and access the exact tire you need.Tire storage carousels are meant explicitly for tire storage, creating a more efficient method of storage and retrieval at automotive shops and tire manufacturers. They can accommodate a range of tire types and sizes.
  • Tray: Vertical tray carousels hold trays and containers to keep various items separated and organized, like loose parts, tools and wires. Compared to other types of storage, tray carousels make it easy to find what you’re looking for without rummaging through multiple containers or climbing ladders to reach tall shelves.

If you’re still unsure which of these vertical carousel systems is the best fit for your business, our helpful representatives can help you select the appropriate solution for your application.

What Carousel Storage System Is Right For My Business?

Now that you know your options, what is the best carousel storage system for your business? The answer depends on your space constraints and business needs. When choosing a carousel storage system, consider the following:

  • Available space: Measure your available floor space, including the height of your ceiling. Spaces with low ceilings might need a horizontal storage carousel, while vertical carousels are ideal solutions for confined areas. Summit Storage Solutions can help you create the perfect vertical carousel to fit your specific layout.
  • Load capacity: Always account for the load capacity of a carousel before choosing one for your business. What is the average weight and size of the item you plan to store? For some products, like tires, it’s essential that you choose the carousel specifically designed for your product. When calculating your required load capacity, consider how full the carousel will be at the peak of your operation.
  • Picking speed: Picking speed refers to the rate at which the system moves the item or container through the track for you to access. Some industries require faster pick speeds than others, like distribution. When accounting for picking speed, consider how fast you need to access items during the busiest part of your workday.
  • Workplace needs: Depending on your needs and your budget, you may be able to purchase one or more types of vertical storage carousels to meet various needs around your workspace. For example, it’s common for large-scale automotive centers to use both a tire carousel and a spool carousel. Big box retailers might rely on both vertical garment storage and roll storage carousels.

To ensure the longevity and functionality of your vertical carousel system, always follow manufacturer instructions and consider an ongoing preventative maintenance plan. Never use a system beyond the recommended load capacity.

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Vertical storage carousels are the best way to save valuable time and floor space in your warehouse, retail store, automotive shop or manufacturing facility. Summit Storage Solutions is the leading manufacturer of vertical storage carousels, and we’re proud to provide storage solutions manufactured 100% in the U.S. No matter the industry or application, we can help you find the best storage system for your business.

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