Metal Fabrication Techniques

Metal Fabrication Techniques

November 6, 2019

During the metal fabrication process, expert technicians create pre-made parts for assembly out of raw metals. Fabrication usually happens in a dedicated facility before it goes to an assembly plant. The process of metal fabrication involves multiple techniques that shape and connect materials into a part. In addition to foundational methods such as cutting and folding, professionals use the below approaches.

Tube Bending for the Aerospace Industry

September 25, 2017

If you’re not sure whether your next aerospace project requires tube bending, there’s a good chance it does! For example, if you work in the aerospace industry, tube bending for aircraft has become an efficient — and in some cases vital — way to provide necessary parts for aircraft.

The Benefits of Precision Tube Bending for Military and Defense Applications

March 23, 2017

When it comes to military and defense applications, accurate tube bending is crucial. Precision tube bending for defense applications means components are consistent and accurate from batch to batch. Military applications can require extremely complex tube assemblies, and if components are improperly or inaccurately manufactured, the final product could fail — which could be a lethal catastrophe in the case of military and defense.

The Origin of the Crippa Tube Bender

December 14, 2016

Those who know about the crucial value of dependable tube bending in metal fabrication probably know that possibly the best tube bending machine on the market carries the Crippa name. The Crippa Tube Bending Machine is a device that allows you to create multiple close shapes in one cycle and offers the most precise results of tube benders on the market. But who created this machine?