Top 5 Reasons to Use Carousel Storage in Retail

November 11, 2020

Retail workers are always on the move, organizing the sales floor, assisting customers and completing order picks. Having access to the latest items in stock is a top priority, so your team requires solutions to make locating products a seamless process. The incorporation of vertical storage carousels is growing increasingly popular in retail settings, so Summit Storage Solutions is here to explain how these installations work to increase storage space at the push of a button.

Why Use Carousel Storage In Retail?

A vertical storage carousel can hold everything from clothing and rugs to automotive tires. These devices use automated controls to help you sort through hundreds of items. When you activate a vertical storage carousel, anything you have categorized across shelves, bins and racks is available for easy access.

There are numerous reasons to use vertical carousel storage in a retail environment. As an industry leader in creating custom vertical storage system designs, Summit Storage Solutions enables business owners to use these installations for the following:

1. Organizing The Stock Room

How often do your employees disappear in the stock room in search of an item? One major benefit of using vertical carousel storage for your retail store relates to improved efficiency and professionalism. Once shipments arrive, you can have loading crews sort through orders and place products directly on the vertical carousel system to limit confusion.

You can only sell what your workers are able to find. Eliminating messes in the stock room keeps your inventory numbers up to date and ensures you know where items are at all times.

2. Saving Floor Space

Bring stock items off the ground with vertical storage carousels. Grouping products together across a storage system gives you additional space for seasonal items, sales displays, signage and anything you need to promote your brand. If multiple tires, garments or textiles are on sale, place them all on a single vertical storage carousel where they are out of the way.

3. Simplifying Order Picking

You can think of a vertical storage carousel as an inventory management tool. Sales associates will be able to move through fulfillment order lists in no time, as user-friendly controls enable workers to pinpoint stock items in seconds. The days of running up and down stairs, scanning aisles from floor to ceiling and labeling orders as “not found” are over.

4. Securing Your Investments

Vertical carousel storage systems also benefit retail managers in terms of security. For your convenience, most options are equipped with locks and pull-down gates to prevent theft when the building is closed. A custom vertical storage carousel design might feature a physical key or entry pad for accessing expensive goods.

5. Promoting Safety Initiatives

Your sales associates are responsible for creating the customer experience. It’s crucial to look after the well-being of your staff, and a vertical storage carousel can reduce workplace injuries. Rather than having employees bend, stretch and climb to dangerous heights, rely on a custom storage system to place products safely near waist level when accessing merchandise.

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Summit Storage Solutions wants to help you boost profit margins through our vertical carousel designs. All of our metal fabrication work is performed in the United States, and we specialize in custom builds for department stores, clothing brands, automotive shops and beyond. If you want to transform your retail space with vertical storage carousels, call 610-595-4643 or complete a contact form with Summit Storage for a detailed quote.

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